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G-Snoop: Enhancing TCP performance over wireless networksLeung, KF; Yeung, KL2004416
Ga2O3(Gd2O3) as Charge-Trapping Layer for Nonvolatile Memory ApplicationsHuang, X; Sin, JKO; Lai, PT201333
Gain bandwidth optimization in two-pump fiber optical parametric amplifiers under bounded zero-dispersion wavelength fluctuationsWong, N; Wong, KKY2007133
Gain optimization of Raman-mediated fiber optical parametric amplifierCheung, KYH; Wong, KKY; Wong, N; Marhic, ME200697
Gain optimization of Raman-mediated fiber optical parametric amplifiersCheung, HKY; Wong, KKY; Wong, N; Marhic, ME200683
GaInP/GaAs HBT with a selective buried sub-collector layer grown by MOCVDYang, YueFei; Hsu, ChungChi; Yang, Edward S1996107
GAINS, PHASES AND ANGLES.Macfarlane, AGJ; Hung, YS198580
A game theoretic approach to energy efficient cooperative cache maintenance in MANETsYeung, MKH; Kwok, YK2005277
A game theoretic approach to power aware wireless data accessYeung, MKH; Kwok, YK2006564
Game theoretic packet scheduling in a non-cooperative wireless environmentKong, Z; Kwok, YK2009302
Game theoretic packet scheduling to combat non-cooperativeness in wireless mesh networksKong, Z; Kwok, YK; Wang, J2008176
Game theoretic peer selection for resilient peer-to-peer media streaming systemsYeung, MKH; Kwok, YK2008149
Game theoretic power aware wireless data accessYeung, KH; Kwok, YK2005235
Game Theoretic Scheduling of Grid ComputationsKwok, YK2008134
A Game Theoretical Model of Private Power ProductionXing, W; Wu, FF2001138
Game theoretical multi-agent modelling of coalition formation for multilateral tradesYeung, CSK; Poon, ASY; Wu, FF1999305
A game-theoretic approach to study strategic interaction between transmission and generation expansion planningNg, SKK; Lee, CW; Zhong, J200669
A game-theoretic model for generation expansion planning: Problem formulation and numerical comparisonsChuang, AS; Wu, F; Varaiya, P2001353
A game-theoretic model of private power productionXing, W; Wu, FF2000271
Game-theoretic scalable peer-to-peer media streamingYeung, MKH; Kwok, YK2008160
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