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A C-band wideband 360° analog phase shifter designXiao, MX; Cheung, SW; Yuk, TI2010325
C-reactive protein promotes cardiac fibrosis and inflammation in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive cardiac diseaseZhang, R; Zhang, YY; Huang, XR; Wu, Y; Chung, ACK; Wu, EX; Szalai, AJ; Wong, BCY; Lau, CP; Lan, HY2010261
C-reactive Protein Promotes Cardiac Fibrosis in Angiotensin II-Induced Hypertensive Cardiovascular DiseasesZhang, R; Zhang, SY; Lan, XR; Wu, Y; Szalai, A.J.; Wong, BCY; Lau, CP; Wu, EX; Lan, HY2008314
C-reactive protein promotes cardiac inflammation and fibrosis in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive cardiovascular diseasesWu, EX; Zhang, R; Zhang, YY; Huang, XR; Wu, Y; Szalai, AJ; Wong, BCY; Lau, CP; Lan, HY2009220
Cable Effects On Measuring Small Planar Uwb Monopole AntennasLiu, L; Cheung, SW; Weng, YF; Yuk, TTI201242
Cabot: On the ontology for the middleware support of context-aware pervasive applicationsXu, C; Cheung, SC; Lo, C; Leung, KC; Wei, J200477
Cache partitioning for multiple sessions in local loss recovery of reliable multicastYeung, KL; Feng, G2005148
A Cache Replacement Policy For Transcoding Proxy ServersYeung, K-H; Wong, C-C; Wong, K-Y; Hui, S-Y2004208
Caching policy and cache placement for active reliable multicastFeng, G; Siew, CK; Lok, KW; Yeung, KL2004146
Caching policy design and cache allocation in active reliable multicastYeung, KL; Wong, HLT2003175
Caching Policy Design in Active Reliable MulticastWong, HL; Yeung, LK2000113
CAEM: A channel adaptive approach to energy management for wireless sensor networksLin, XH; Kwok, YK2006525
Calculation of acoustical scattering from a cluster of scatterersKoc, S; Chew, WC199840
Calculation of available transfer capability of transmission networks including static and dynamic securityShaaban Mohamed, Mohamed Abdel Moneim.2002453
Calculation of intrinsic transport parameters of a double-diffused transistorYang, ES196961
Calculation of Sommerfeld Integrals for Modeling Vertical Dipole Array Antenna for Borehole RadarEbihara, S; Chew, WC200366
Calculation of stability-limited ATC of power transmission networksShaaban, M; Ni, Y; Wu, FF200494
Calculation of total transfer capability incorporating the effect of reactive powerShaaban, M; Li, W; Yan, Z; Ni, Y; Wu, FF2003158
Calculations of the refractive index of AlGaN/GaN quantum wellDjurišić, AB; Chan, Y; Li, EH2001930
Calderón multiplicative preconditioned EFIE with perturbation methodSun, S; Liu, YG; Chew, WC; Ma, Z201361
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