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A comprehensive approach to high efficiency light emittersFu, Wai-yuen.; 傅惠源.2009284
A comprehensive approach to transmission pricing and its applicationsWei, Ping; 魏萍2002231
A computer-aided measurement system for monopolar high-voltage direct-current coronating linesTong, Sai-kit.; 湯世傑1986266
A computerized thermal imaging system for studying thyroid and cerebral cortexSo, Ting-pat, Albert.; 蘇廷弼1994267
A decentralized congestion management approach for the multilateral energy transaction via optimal resource allocationLiu, Kai; 劉愷2007256
A decentralized multi-agent system for restructured power system operationPoon, Shuk-yan.; 潘淑欣1997273
A diagrammatic algorithm for minimum sampling frequency and quantization resolution for digital control of power convertersFung, Cheuk-wai; 馮卓慧2007211
A digital-implementation technique for a new multitone code-division-multiple-access systemTse, Ching-hok.; 謝正學2001244
A distinct region based method for visual object trackingLiu, Chongyang.; 刘重阳.2011198
A double-track greedy algorithm for VLSI channel routingYuen, Chi-kan.; 袁志勤1997195
A factor analysis approach to transcription regulatory network reconstruction using gene expression dataChen, Wei; 陈玮2012146
A factorization-based approach to 3D reconstruction from multiple uncalibrated imagesTang, Wai-kai, Arvin.; 鄧羽真.2004160
A factorization-based approach to projective reconstruction from line correspondences in multiple imagesNg, Tuen-pui.; 吳端珮.2004713
A framework to model the relationship between information and network performanceGeng, Yanhui.; 耿彦辉.2009264
A game-theoretic study of the strategic interaction between transmission and generation expansion planning in a restructuredelectricity marketNg, Kwok-kei, Simon; 吳國基2007410
A Granger causality approach to gene regulatory network reconstructionbased on data from multiple experimentsTam, Hak-fui.; 譚克奎.2012188
A ground clutter processor for the Royal Observatory's 10-cm meteorological radarLi, Chung-sum, Peter.; 李忠琛1983332
A gyroscopic approach to biped dynamic walkingWong, Chor-fai, Terence.; 黃楚輝。1998315
A high performance switched reluctance motor drive for electric vehiclesZhan, Yiju.; 詹宜巨1998378
A lattice filter for CDMA overlayPrahatheesan, Vicknarajah.1998182
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