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A behavioural approach to classroom management at secondary levelChow, Yuen-chu, Marie.; 周婉珠.19933,624
A case study examining the transfer of information literacy across subjects in primary schoolNing, Kon-ying.; 甯幹英.2008360
A case study in learning failure and success of high ability studentsKwok, Fung-chun, Angel.; 郭鳳眞.2003683
A case study of a new preschool teacher training model offered by a key mainland Chinese normal universityXu, Yingru.; 徐霙茹.2012156
A case study of a saturday program for gifted and talented studentsChan, Suet-kwan, Peggy.; 陳雪荺.2005443
A case study of a school in the PRC: is the organizational culture prepared for the new goals of nationaldevelopment?Leung, Wing-chiu.; 梁永超1997282
A case study of activity learning in secondary school business subjectsNg, Yick-mui, Emily.; 吳奕梅.2004405
A case study of basic information technology training for teachers in Hong KongMau, Ping-kuen.; 繆炳權.2001321
A case study of curriculum change in China: the junior secondary school chemistry curriculum, 1978 to 2001Wei, Bing; 魏冰2003297
A case study of expert art teachers in Hong KongLi Tam, Soi-cheng, Mary.; 譚瑞菁.1990237
A case study of female students' participation and attitudes towards school physical education and sport as compared with male students' inone primary and one secondary schoolChing, Wai-kin, Joe.; 程偉健.1992533
A case study of implemenation of assessment for learning in a Hong Kong secondary school: a small-scale multi-perspective approachZhang, Yiyao.; 张懿瑶.2012135
A case study of integrating ICT in task-based lessons in a Hong Kong senior secondray schoolTan, Kok-khim, Verna.; 陳國琴2002276
A case study of leadership and organizational culture in a secondary schoolSo, Wai-hoi, Dominic.; 蘇偉海.1994737
A case study of peer observation among primary school teachersNgai, Siu-ting.; 魏少婷.2005414
A case study of primary school teachers' implementation of a new Chinese language curriculum designed by the Ministry ofEducation in SingaporeTan, Wei Xiong.; 陳煒雄.2010562
A case study of teacher leadership in promoting a culture of learning in a Hong Kong schoolCheung, Siu-yin, Carol.; 張小燕.2005360
A case study of teachers' changeSeah, Xuyu.; 佘溆渝.2012145
A case study of teachers' concerns and use of information technology for teaching and learningYeung, Kam-sun.; 楊錦燊.2001435
A case study of teachers' perceptions of geographical education and their implications for classroom pedagogiesSo, Pui-ting.; 蘇佩婷.1997226
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