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A commercial bank deposit model and its applications: the case of Thailand, 1965-1974.Karnchanarungroch, Sumalee1978282
A comparative study of the economic development in Hong Kong and TaiwanChin, Ching-wah, Henry.; 錢淸華.1991296
A study of Japanese direct investment in East and Southeast Asia,1966-1975Li, Tei-chuen; 李弟荃1978184
A study of pricing behaviour of jewellery shopsWong, Sau-kuen, Elisa.; 黃秀娟.1991338
A study of the measurement of income inequality: with special reference to Hong KongLeung, Kwan-chi.; 梁坤志.1992264
A study on male-female wage differentials in Hong KongLui, Hon-kwong.; 呂漢光.1991263
A theoretical analysis of the market of residential real estate: with application to Hong KongTse, Yin-ching, Raymond.; 謝賢程.1990269
Accounting as an instrument of control over state enterprises in mainland ChinaHo, Dit-sang.; 何秩生1970337
An analysis of Mainland China's export to Hong Kong since 1950Hung, Chiu-ling.; 洪昭陵.1968271
An analytical study of food consumption in Hong Kong, 1952-1966Tang, Kwai-nang.; 鄧桂能.1972294
An empirical study of the Hong Kong money market: term structure, term preimum and uncovered interestparityWan, Wai-choi, Benny.; 溫偉才.1991361
An evaluation of the linked exchange rate systemHo, Siu-yin.; 何少燕.1991277
Causal factors in the establishment of rural people's communes in ChinaCheng, Ye-lin, Ronald; 鄭延齡1963216
Change of firm size in Hong Kong and its relation to productivityNg, Choi-hei.; 吳財喜.1991210
Chinese monetary planning, 1950-1982: a comparative socialist viewPeebles, Gavin1984214
Commercial banking in Hong Kong: an analysis of its growth, structure and strains, 1954-1968.Jao, Y. C.; 饒餘慶.1971428
Cost-benefit analysis of Chek Lap Kok AirportLo, Pui-leung.; 羅霈良.1991504
Efficient pricing and its application to Hong Kong cable televisionTsang, Kok-chu, Adrian.; 曾國柱.1993230
European economic integration: implications for Europe in 1992 and beyondLeung, Kin-ching.; 梁健正1991234
Female labour force participation in Hong KongLee, Chi-yung.; 李志勇.1991373
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