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Bacterial color response to hexavalent chromium, Cr6+Cheung, KH; Gu, JD2002198
Bacterial degradation of ortho-dimethyl phthalate ester and adaptationof escherichia coli K12 to carbon-limited growthWang, Yingying.; 王瑩瑩.2004768
Bacterial indicators for beach water qualityYau, Yick-yee, Joyce.; 丘奕怡.1999413
The bad biodiversity: alien plant species in Hong KongNg, SC; Corlett, RT20021,133
Baetiella (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) in Hong Kong, with description of a new speciesTong, X; Dudgeon, D2000266
Barriers to environmental protection participation among public housing residentsYip, Pui-wah, Miranda.; 葉佩華.2004347
Benefits and costs of developing renewable energy in Hong KongTse, Man-sze.; 謝文思.2006300
Benthic infauna communities as indicators of environmental stress in the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay of Hong Kong SARShen, P; Zhou, H; Cheung, KS; Gu, J200498
Benthic infaunal community as an ecological indicator in the baseline ecological monitoring programme for the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site, Hong KongGu, J; Zhou, H; Cheung, KS; Shen, P; Lai, HY2003129
Benthic infaunal community of intertidal mudflat at the Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site of Hong KongShen, P; Gu, J; Lai, HY2005102
Benthic infaunal composition and distribution at an intertidal wetland mudflatShen, PP; Zhou, H; Lai, HY; Gu, JD2006205
The benthic marine ecology of Hong Kong: a dwindling heritageMorton, BS; Williams, GA; Lee, SY1996178
Better bootstrap estimation of hazardous concentration thresholds for aquatic assemblagesGrist, EPM; Leung, KMY; Wheeler, JR; Crane, M2002167
Beyond Singapore: Hong Kong and Asian biodiversity [2] (multiple letters)Hau, BCH; Dudgeon, D; Corlett, RT; Sodhi, NS; Koh, LP; Brook, BW; Ng, PKL2005680
Bicycle use and sustainable transport in Hong Kong: a case study of ShatinChoi, Chung-sing, Johnson.; 蔡頌聲.2007485
Bio-Exploitation of Filamentous FungiPointing, SB; Hyde, KD2001137
Bio-Exploitation of Filamentous Fungi. Fungal Diversity PressPointing, SB; Hyde, KD2001212
Biochemical cooperation between Klebsiella oxytoca Sc and Methylobacterium mesophilium Sr for complete degradation of dimethyl isophthalateLi, J; Gu, JD2006141
Biochemical pathway and degradation of phthalate ester isomers by bacteriaGu, JD; Li, J; Wang, Y2005121
Biodegradability of atrazine, cyanazine and dicamba under methanogenic and nitrate-reducing conditions in three soils from ChinaGu, J; Fan, Y; Gu, J-G200297
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