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(1519-1520) Proposals to reject the names Meiogyne macrocarpa and Mitrephora trimera (Annonaceae)Su, YCF; Saunders, RMK2002112
(1521-1522) Proposals to reject the names Mitrephora teysmannii and Orophea macrocarpa (Annonaceae)Weerasooriya, AD; Saunders, RMK2002168
16S rDNA-defined diversity of lithophytic communities in quartz rocks from the hyperarid core of hte Atacama desert (Invited Speaker)Pointing, SB2004181
16S rRNA-defined population structure in a Philippines hot spring microbial matPointing, SB; Nagarkar, S; Warren-Rhodes, K2002184
A biodiversity conservation policy and legal framework for Hong KongFelley, Mary Louise.1996439
A case study of a PET recycling plant in Guangdong, China: evaluation of the possibility of recycling Hong Kong'sPET bottlesMa, Chun-tung, William.; 馬振東.2000613
A case study of avian flu outbreak with regard to future emergency plans and waste treatment methodsLau, Siu-pun.; 劉兆賓.2000373
A case study on the environmental impacts of a large site formation contract in the urban areaChow, Kwok-sang.; 周國生.1993261
A comparative ecological study of insectivorous bats (Hipposideridae, Vespertilionidae and Rhinolophidae) in Hong Kong, with specialreference to dietary seasonalityAdes, Gary William John.1994435
A comparative study of the wildlife trade in Southern China and the bushmeat trade in AfricaNg, Chi-yan, Sammi.; 吳芷欣.2005220
A comparison & contrast of Hong Kong and overseas practices in landfill gas managementKam, Chung-hau, Brian.; 甘忠校.1998300
A comparison of Hong Kong and overseas practice in special waste managementTang, Kin-man, Raymond.; 鄧健民.2003258
A critical analysis of management and disposal options of plastic waste in Hong KongHo, Yuet-wah.; 何月華.2000258
A critical appraisal of the environmental impacts of the Lantau Port and Western Harbour developmentWong, Chi-man, Crinson.; 黃志文.1995239
A critical appraisal of the solid waste disposal strategy in HongKongChu, Kei-ming.; 朱祺明.1994333
A critical evaluation of concrete and steel frame buildings in Hong Kong with regard to waste minimizationShiu, Kwai-king, Joe.; 蕭桂瓊.2005347
A critical review of Hong Kong air quality dataIp, To-yan, Francis.; 葉道仁.2001247
A critical review of landfill operations in Hong KongCheng, Ming-chi.; 鄭名智.2001433
A critical review of measure for the protection and conservation of the Chinese White Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) in Hong KongLau, Chi-chung, Dickey; 劉志聰2004278
A critical review of the 2008 Beijing Olympics: how 'green' was it?Shum, Ching-yee.; 岑正怡.2009307
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