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Salinity control on long-chain alkenone distributions in lake surface waters and sediments of the northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, ChinaLiu, W; Liu, Z; Wang, H; He, Y; Wang, Z; Xu, L2011723
Salinity variation of formation water and diagenesis reaction in abnormal pressure environmentsXie, X; Jiao, JJ; Li, S; Cheng, J2003107
Science behind the TsumaniAli, JR2005108
Screening for Fever by Means of Infrared Thermographic CameraKumana, CR; Cheung, GTY; Lauder, IJ; Chan, LS2004138
Screening for fever by remote-sensing infrared thermographic cameraChan, LS; Cheung, GTY; Lauder, IJ; Kumana, CR2004131
The Scythian-Anisian boundary in South China: preliminary magneto-, bio-, and chronostratigraphic resultsMontgomery, P; Lehrmann, DJ; Martin, MW; Enos, P; Jiayong, W; Ali, JR; Bowring, SA2000101
SE Sundaland accretion: palaeomagnetic evidence of large Plio- Pleistocene thin-skin rotations in ButonAli, JR; Milsom, J; Finch, EM; Mubroto, B1996103
SE Sundaland accretion: palaeomagnetic evidence of large Plio-Pleistocene thin-skin rotations in Buton.Ali, JR; Milsom, JE; Finch, EM; Mubroto, B1996122
Sea levels and uplift rate from composite rheology in glacial isostatic adjustment modelingvan der Wal, W; Wu, P; Wang, H; Sideris, MG201013
Sea surface temperature and salinity variability at Bermuda during the end of the Little Ice AgeGoodkin, NF; Hughen, KA; Curry, WB; Doney, SC; Ostermann, DR2008120
Seasonal ventilation of the Ba/Ca of the porites corals from northern South China Sea: Patterns and their environmental implicationWei, GJ; Li, XH; Sun, M; Nie, BF2000176
Seawater intrusion and aquifer freshening near reclaimed coastal area of ShenzhenChen, KP; Jiao, JJ2007102
Secular evolution of hierarchical planetary systemsLee, MH; Peale, SJ200365
Secular evolution of the lithosphere beneath the eastern North China Craton: Evidence from Mesozoic basalts and high-Mg andesitesZhang, HF; Sun, M; Zhou, XH; Zhou, MF; Fan, WM; Zheng, JP2003112
Secular evolution of the Neoproterozoic lithospheric mantle underneath the northern margin of the Yangtze Block, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF2009159
Secular Geoid Rate from GRACE for Vertical Datum Modernizationvan der Wal, W; Rangelova, E; Sideris, MG; Wu, P201016
Sedimentary characteristics of the pleistocene outwash accumulation and their implications for paleoclimate change in the midstream of Dadu River, Southwestern ChinaTu, G; Huang, R; Deng, H; Li, Y2012107
Sedimentary evidence of Late Holocene human activity in the Pearl River delta, ChinaZong, Y; Yu, F; Huang, G; Lloyd, JM; Yim, WWS2010191
Sedimentary facies of fluvial-marine transition environments in Hong Kong: Ting Kok and Pak Nai DeltasLee, Mui-fa, Alison.; 李梅花.1999244
The sedimentary geology, palaeoenvironments and ichnocoenoses of the Lower Devonian Horlick Formation, Ohio Range, AntarcticaBradshaw, MA; Newman, J; Aitchison, JC2002954
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