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12th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating, Beijing, China, 18-22 September, 2008Bailiff, IK; Chen, R; Jain, M; Li, SH; Wallinga, J2009112
A >1300km late Pan-African metamorphic belt in NE China: New evidence from the Xing'an block and its tectonic implicationsZhou, JB; Wilde, SA; Zhang, XZ; Zhao, GC; Liu, FL; Qiao, DW; Ren, SM; Liu, JH2011130
The 1998 flood on the Yangtze, ChinaZong, Y; Chen, X2000142
2002 Beijing Penrose Conference: High-pressure and high-temperature granulite-facies metamorphismZhao, G2002207
207pb/ 206pb determination of zircons by laser probe-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryVan, X; Chu, Z; Sun, M; Xu, P; Zhou, X1998103
26Al decay: Heat production and a revised age for IapetusCastilloRogez, J; Johnson, TV; Lee, MH; Turner, NJ; Matson, DL; Lunine, J2009177
The ∼390 Ma high-T metamorphic event in the Chinese Altai: A consequence of ridge-subduction?Jiang, Y; Sun, M; Zhao, G; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Xia, X; Long, X; Wu, F2010191
The 3rd IAGR Annual Convention and International Symposium, Hong Kong, December 2006Zhang, J; Zhao, G2007101
A 4-Ma record of thermal evolution in the tropical western Pacific and its implications on climate changeLi, L; Li, Q; Tian, J; Wang, P; Wang, H; Liu, Z2011379
40Ar-39Ar abd U-Pb ages of metadiorite from the East Kunlun orogenic belt: evidence for Early Paleozoic magmatic zone and excess argon in amphibole mineralsChen, N; Sun, M; Zhang, KX; Zhu, YH2001138
40Ar-39Ar geochronology and mineralogy of Pliocene alkaline basalts, Springwater Valley, NW Tibet (Abstract)Robinson, PT; Zhou, MF; Reynolds, PH; Malpas, JG1995161
40ar/39ar age constraints on the cretaceous fossil-bearing formations from Dandong, NE ChinaChang, S; Gao, K; Zhou, C; Hemming, S201329
40Ar/39Ar age constraints on the Haifanggou and Lanqi formations: When did the first flowers bloom?Chang, S; Zhang, H; Hemming, S; Mesko, G; Fang, Y201339
40Ar/39Ar constraints on a temporal link between gold mineralization, magmatism, and continental margin transtension in the Jiaodong Gold Province, eastern ChinaLi, JW; Vasconcelos, PM; Zhang, J; Zhou, MF; Zhang, XJ; Yang, FH2003593
40Ar/39Ar dating of the Honghuaqiao Formation in SE ChinaChang, S; Zhang, H; Hemming, SR; Mesko, GT; Fang, Y201087
A 5,600-year-old wooden well in Zhejiang Province, ChinaJiao, JJ2007179
57-Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy of mineral assemblages in mantle spinel lherzolites from Cenozoic alkali basalt, eastern China: Petrological applicationsHao, X; Li, Y201271
The ∼860-Ma, cordilleran-type guandaoshan dioritic pluton in the Yangtze Block, SW China: Implications for the origin of neoproterozoic magmatismSun, WH; Zhou, MF2008369
A radon chamber and its role in a radon surveyJia, Di.; 賈地.1992348
A study of the origin and evolution of jointing in igneous rocks of Hong KongBasu, Arindam.2002324
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