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Age-related diffusion patterns in human lumbar intervertebral discs: A pilot study in asymptomatic subjectsZhang, Z; Chan, Q; Anthony, MP; Samartzis, D; Cheung, KMC; Khong, PL; Kim, M2012205
Age-related diffusion patterns in intervertebral disc degenerationZhang, Z; Chan, Q; Anthony, MP; Cheung, KMC; Kim, M2010120
Aged-related diffusion patterns in intervertebral disc degenerationChan, Q; Anthony, M; Cheung, K; Kim, M; Zhang, Z201090
Air-trapping in beta-thalassaemia majorKhong, PL; Ooi, CGC; Chan, GCF; Au, WY; Tsang, KWT; Ng, MW; Chan, FL2002144
Air-trapping in Beta-Thalassaemia majorKhong, PL; Ooi, CGC; Chan, GCF; Au, WY; Tsang, KWT; Ng, MW; Chan, FL2002108
Amide proton transfer MR imaging in peritoneal metastasis evaluationYu, X; Lee, EYP; Chan, Q; Kim, M201324
An analysis of acute and follow-up HRCT features in 23 cases of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia (COP).Ooi, CGC; Khong, PL; Wong, M; Tsang, KWT2005102
Anatomical correlates of the functional organization in the human occipitotemporal cortexKim, M; Ducros, M; Carlson, T; Ronen, I; He, S; Ugurbil, K; Kim, DS2006108
Anti-inflammatory treatment increased exhaled nitric oxide production on patients with active bronchiectasisTsang, KWT; Chan, S; Leung, R; Tan, KCB; Chan, HHL; Ho, JCS; Yan, CPK; Ooi, CGC; Fung, PCW; Lam, WK2002248
Antiplatelet drug resumption after antiplatelet-related intracerebral haemorrhageTeo, KC; Lau, GKK; Lee, R; Chang, SKR; Leung, GKK; Siu, DCW; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL; Chan, KH201413
Application of 18F-FDG PET/CT in lung cancerLee, EYP201219
Application of diffusion-perfusion imaging in acute ischemic strokeLai, V201184
Application of Diffusional Kurtosis to Modeling of the Cerebral MicroenvironmentHui, SK; Tabesh, A; Helpern, JA; Jensen, JH201323
Application of PET and PET-CT in peritoneal imagingAnthony, M; Khong, PL201389
Application of PET in mesentery and peritoneal diseasesAnthony, M; Khong, PL201167
An appraisal of timely magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosing spinal cord compressionWong, CS; Chu, YCT; Ma, KFJ; Cheng, LF2009132
An appraisal of timely MRI in diagnosing spinal cord compressionWong, CS200876
An appraisal of urgent small bowel follow through protocol using gastrografin in case of small bowel obstructionWong, CS2008106
Assessing local patients’ knowledge and awareness on radiation doses and risks associated with radiological imaging – A Questionnaire StudySin, HK; Wong, CS; Huang, B; Yiu, KL; Wong, WL; Chu, YC201260
Assessment of glycosaminoglycan distribution in human lumbar intervertebral discs using chemical exchange saturation transferKim, M; Chan, Q; Anthony, M; Cheung, KMC; Samartzis, D; Chan, T; Khong, PL2010155
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