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Cholera prevention as social control?: Hong Kong in the late 1960sChow, Kwok-ming.; 周國明.1997352
Cigarette smuggling in Hong KongHo, Shi-king.; 何仕景.1994467
Comparing risks & needs assessment policies and practices in Canada and Hong KongChow, Shing-yin, Simon.; 周聖言.2012179
Constructing Tin Shui Wai as the 'city of sadness'Cheung, Ling-ling.; 張苓苓.2009529
Cop culture: police socialization in Hong KongKwan, Kim-fai, Adrian.; 關劍輝.1996400
Cough syrup abuse among young people in Hong Kong: causes of abuse and difficulties of giving upTsang, Wing-keung.; 曾永強.1994313
Counterfeit credit card fraud: the process ofprofessionalization and organisationChar, Shik-ngor, Stephen.; 查錫我.1994342
Crime and punishment: an economic approach inthe case of Hong KongTang, Siu-mui, Anna.; 鄧少梅.1992405
Criminal punishment and ideology in the People's Republic of China 1949-1976Chu, Fun-ling, Carlye.; 朱芬齡1994222
Criminal record: labeling and job search discriminationNg, Hoi-kit, Michael.; 吳海傑.19971,280
Criminality of women in Hong Kong films: fromthe 1960's to the 1990'sWong, Bik-wan, Flora; 黃碧雲1995784
Development of law against homosexual conduct: case study on Leung TC William RoyLeung, Chun-kwong.; 梁鎮罡.2006591
Dragons and chicken wings: the anomalies of the involvement of Vietnamese refugees in crime in Hong Kong, 1989-1995Hunt, Peter Geoffrey.1996220
Elderly victimization: paradox of fearChiu, Ka-cheung.; 招嘉章.1996356
Environmental regulation and crime: the case of pollution in Hong KongWong, May-tak, Glady.; 王美德.1994284
Ethics in the production of Hong Kong moviesLau, Tsz-wan, Christal; 劉芷韻2007337
Exploration of the People's Republic of China's tolerance of the policy of freedom of religious beliefLo, Yuet-wah, Isabella.; 盧月華1996189
Gender bias in policingLeung, Hang-san, Steven.; 梁恆新2002257
Hong Kong gangs: do they have an irrational violent subculture?Luk, Wai-kwok.; 陸偉國2002397
How school social workers define the problem and their roles in managing the problem: pupils' involvement intriad activitiesLeung, Chun-ping, Tony.; 梁振萍.1994335
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