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T-IDBA: A de novo Iterative de Bruijn Graph Assembler for TranscriptomePeng, Y; Leung, CM; Yiu, SM; Chin, FYL2011149
T-IDBA: A de novo iterative de Bruijn graph assembler for transcriptome (Extended abstract)Peng, Y; Leung, HCM; Yiu, SM; Chin, FYL2011126
Tabular expression-based testing strategies: A comparisonFeng, X; Parnas, DL; Tse, TH2007164
TACCLE: A Methodology for Object-Oriented Software Testing at the Class and Cluster LevelsChen, HY; Tse, TH; Chen, TY2001395
Tag-based techniques for black-box test case prioritization for service testingMei, L; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Merkel, RG2009218
Taking advantage of service selection: A study on the testing of location-based web services through test case prioritizationZhai, K; Jiang, B; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2010231
A tale of clouds: Paradigm comparisons and some thoughts on research issuesMei, L; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2008452
A tale of two cultures: towards a bridge between software mathematicians and software craftsmenTse, TH199586
Taming liquids for rapidly changing targetsShi, L; Yu, Y200568
A TBL-Based E-Course Development Tool with TQMCheung, BSN; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM; Lee, JKW; Kwok, LK; Leung, K2004111
Technical solutions for conducting investigations in digital ageHo, Sze-lok.; 何思樂.2012126
A technique for process pre-emption in the transputerCheung, MH; Shea, KM; Lau, FCM199588
Techniques for managing and analyzing unconventional dataHo, Wai-shing.; 何偉成.2004218
Techniques in data stream miningTong, Suk-man, Ivy.; 湯淑敏.2005433
Temporal analysis of HFS+ and Mac OS X in digital investigationsWang, M; Chow, KP201285
Temporal analysis on HFS+ and across file systems in digital forensic investigationWang, Mengmeng; 王萌萌201329
Temporal Exemplar-based Bayesian Networks for facial expression recognitionShang, L; Chan, KP2008170
A temporal latent topic model for facial expression recognitionShang, L; Chan, KP2011176
Temporal subtraction of chest radiograph using graph cuts and free-form deformationsZhang, Hui; 張暉2007545
Test case generation for class-level object-oriented testingTse, TH; Xu, Z199681
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