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A case control study on smoking, alcohol drinking and other risk factors of coronary heart disease in Hong KongChung, Siu-fung; 鍾少鳳2000850
A case series of community-acquired pneumonia in a regional hospital in Hong KongYeung, Yiu-cheong.; 楊耀昌.2006400
A case-control study on passive smoking and coronary heart disease in never-smoking women in Xi'an, ChinaHe, Yao.; 何耀1997248
A case-control study with risk factors analysis of tuberculosis patients of the floating population in GuangzhouLi, Dapeng; 李大鵬2009309
A clinical audit of mammography screeningKan, Sik-yau, Anita.; 簡適悠2008297
A community study on the factor associated with quality of life of people with epilepsy in Hong KongHung, Tak-fung, Anchor.; 熊德鳳.2008222
A comparative study of healthcare financing systems in US, UK and HKHong, Wing-yee, Veronica.; 康詠儀2008654
A literature review: should tobacco smoking at residential homes in the presence of children be banned in HongKong?Koon, Wai, Cindy.; 官慧.2009256
A mathematical model on optimizing the dose of pre-pandemic influenza vaccinesLi, Kwok-fai, Michelle.; 李國暉.2009153
A nutrition transition: does childhood food insecurity lead to overweight or obesity in later adulthood?Rose, Jennifer.2007235
A pilot study of a smoking cessation clinic in Guangzhou, ChinaZhu, Weihua; 朱衛華2008188
A qualitative study of women's attitudes towards the introduction of the HPV vaccination in SingaporeIslam, Amina Mahmood.2008274
A qualitative study on resignation of nurses from Hospital Authority hospitals in Hong KongNgai, Hau-ngai, Nicole.; 倪巧藝2008352
A randomized controlled trial of a health education intervention by nurses to mothers of sick children in Hong KongChan, Siu-chee, Sophia.; 陳肇始.1999395
A retrospective review of the quality of diabetes care in general out-patient clinics: do disparities of careexist?Wong, Kwai-wing.; 黃桂榮.2010213
A review of cost-effectiveness analysis of screening for diabetic complicationLian, Jinxiao.; 連金曉.2009204
A review of seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine recommendations bydifferent countriesLee, Sze-tsai, Esther; 李思齊2010216
A simple smoking cessation intervention on workers in GuangzhouZhang, Yili; 张伊莉2010195
A study of diagnostic criteria employed in the analysis of lung function of textile workersHo, Lai-ming.; 何禮明1991186
A study on prehospital emergency medical service system status in GuangzhouTan, Huiyi; 譚惠儀2007265
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