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A comparative study of the roles of Hong Kong and Shanghai in the economic integration of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze RiverDeltaLai, Yin-sheung.; 黎燕嫦.2006264
A comparative study on the business environment in Huizhou and Heyuan of the Guangdong ProvinceLi, Xuefang, Vienna.; 李雪芳.2006234
A study of regional inequality of education attainment in ChinaLam, Wing-chi.; 林穎芝.2009327
A study of the system of the Annual Assessment of Urban Environmental Quality in ChinaLeung, Kai-fai, Edward.2005224
Airports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen: competition and co-operationTai, Wai-ying.; 戴慧瑩.2005761
China's institutional environment and the overseas expansion of the Chinese MNCs: a case study of the ICTindustryLee, Yung-to.; 李勇圖.2010245
Civil service reforms and changes in the local economy of Hong Kong, 1996 to 2005Yim, Chi-wah, Richard.; 嚴智華.2006322
Consumer electronics multi-national corporations in China: changing trends and spatial implicationsYip, Chui-ping, Lisa.; 葉翠萍.2005364
Contesting the status of the world's factory for manufacturing: a comparative study of FDI and trade inChina, India, and VietnamSoloski, Drew Doyle Thomas.2009247
Cross-boundary students between Hong Kong and Shenzhen: a case study of Shan Tsui Public SchoolLo, Kwan-hung.; 羅君雄.2006905
Economic geography of the electric solar energy potential in ChinaSedler, Sergey.2010277
Equity markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai: growth and competitivenessCheung, Wai-shuen.; 張慧璇.2010328
Festival impacts on the tourist economy in Hong KongLam, Wai-ping.; 林慧萍.20051,193
Foreign companies and foreign direct investment in Hong KongSu, Bei; 蘇備2005754
Global interaction patterns and disease transmission: a case study of ChinaWen, Allisandra.; 溫佩凝.2009258
Hong Kong residents traveling to Japan on an individual basis: a cultural perspectiveLam, Man-sze.; 林文詩.2011198
Intergration of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: towards an optimum division of labor in the provision ofproducer servicesChan, Tsze-wah, Gabriel; 陳子華2009227
International financial centers under different political systems: a study of financial center development inChinaCheung, Lo; 張露2006281
Intra-provincial inequality in post-reform China: a case study of Anhui Province, Central ChinaLiu, Zhiyao.; 刘志尧.2010208
Metro development in China's mega-cities: a case study of GuangzhouNg, Wai-yu.; 吳慧茹.2006348
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