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Dental age assessment of Southern Chinese using Demirjian's dataset and the United Kingdom datasetJayaraman, Jayakumar.2010210
Dental fear in children and adolescents from the public's perspectiveHamzah, Siti Hajar Binti.2011175
Early childhood caries and quality of life of pre-school childrenLee, Hiu-man, Gillian.; 李曉雯2008409
Effect of benzalkonium chloride on resin-dentine bondAli, Sadia Piyar.2011236
Effect of ethanol wet-bonding of hydrophobic adhesive to dentinManan, Nor Malina Binti.2010285
Effect of surface preparation on bond strength of resin luting cementsto dentinePeerzada, Farrahnaz.2008273
Effects of saliva contamination on bond strength of resin luting cements to dentineChung, Wai-mun, Caroline.; 鍾慧敏2008187
Effects of temporary cement on the bond strength of resin luting cements to dentineAl Kuwari, Ohoud Mayouf.2008228
Effects of the headgear-activator appliance: a prospective studyPeng, Li, Jasmine.; 彭莉2003646
Fracture resistance of different intra-canal systems for restoring primary anterior teeth: in vitro studyMashaly, Ayat Mohamed Maged Mofid Ahmed.2009248
Impacted canines: characteristics, prevalenceand implicationsSajnani, Anand Kumar.2009262
Oral health of preschool children with and without cerebral palsyDu, Yanlin, Rennan.; 杜妍霖.2009244
Prediction of supernumerary teeth in childrenAnthonappa, Robert Prashanth.2011185
Radiographic localization of supernumerary teeth in the maxillaMallineni, Sreekanth Kumar.2011355
Remineralization of initial carious lesions using CPP-ACP reagents in vitroGopalakrishnan, Vaishnavi Lekshmi.2010272
Remineralization of initial carious lesions using fluoridated milk in vitroOngtengco, Kristine.2009212
Remineralizing action of CPP-ACP reagents on artificial carious lesionsBuckshey, Sakshi.2011208
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