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EasyDNA: User-friendly paternity and kinship testing programsFung, TWK; Yang, CT; Guo, W2004129
Economic and environmental factors in Hong Kong suicidesFong, DYT; Yip, PSF2003608
Economic valuation of historic properties: review and recent developmentsYung, EHK; Yu, PLH; Chan, EHW201324
Editorial for the special issue on quantile regression and semiparametric methodsFung, WK; He, X; Hubert, M; Portnoy, S; Wang, HJ201268
Effect of esomeprazole versus famotidine on platelet inhibition by clopidogrel: A double-blind, randomized trialTunggal, P; Ng, FH; Lam, KF; Chan, FKL; Lau, YK2011127
The effect of intragastric balloon placement on weight loss and type 2 diabetes controlChan, AOO; Chow, WS; Lam, KF; Hsu, A; Hung, I; Chan, P; But, D; Seto, WK; Lam, KSL2008177
The effect of Monte Carlo approximation on coverage error of double-bootstrap confidence intervalsLee, SMS; Young, GA1999171
Effect of plant-capture in a capture-recapture experimentYip, PSF1996122
Effectiveness of a small marine reserve in southern China in protecting the harvested sea urchin Anthocidaris crassispina: A mark-and-recapture studyLau, DCC; Dumont, CP; Lui, GCS; Qiu, JW2011137
The effects of service climate and the effective leadership behaviour of supervisors on frontline employee service quality: a multi-level analysisHui, CH; Chiu, WCK; Yu, PLH; Cheng, K; Tse, HHM200784
Efficiency improvement in a class of survival models through model-free covariate incorporationGarcia, TP; Ma, Y; Yin, G2011110
Efficient algorithm for computing maximum likelihood estimates in linear transformation modelsYin, G; Zeng, D2006142
Efficient algorithms for generating truncated multivariate normal distributionsYu, JW; Tian, GL2011146
An efficient MCEM algorithm for fitting generalized linear mixed models for correlated binary dataTan, M; Tian, GL; Fang, HB200789
Efficient methods for estimating constrained parameters with applications to regularized (lasso) logistic regressionTian, GL; Tang, ML; Fang, HB; Tan, M2008167
Efficient support vector machine method for survival prediction with SEER dataLiu, ZQ; Chen, DC; Tian, G; Tang, ML; Tan, M; Sheng, L2010115
Elasticity approach to asset allocation in discrete timeFu, J; Yang, H2012104
Elderly Suicide in Hong KongChi, I; Yip, PSF; Yu, YY1997222
An elementary approach to discrete models of dividend strategiesYang, H; Gerber, HU; Shiu, ESW201151
An elementary approach to discrete models of dividend strategiesGerber, HU; Shiu, ESW; Yang, H2010196
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