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Calibrated interpolated confidence intervals for population quantilesHo, HS; Lee, SMS200388
Calibrated interpolated confidence intervals for population quantilesHo, YHS; Lee, SMS2005131
Calibration of examination marksChing, Ching-yu.; 程貞如1993400
Capture-recapture and multiple-record systems estimation I: History and theoretical developmentYip, PSF; Bruno, G; Tajima, N; Seber, GAF; Buckland, ST; Cormack, RM; Unwin, N; Chang, YF; Fienberg, SE; Junker, BW; LaPorte, RE; Libman, IM; McCarty, DJ1995185
Caregiver's needs and psychological well-being in Shanghai, ChinaLou, V; Gui, SX; Kwan, CW; Ting, KF201175
Case-deletion diagnostics for test statistics in multivariate regressionTang, MK; Fung, TWK1997100
A cautionary note on the use of generalized Cook-type measuresFung, WK1995175
Censored quantile regression with covariate measurement errorsMa, Y; Yin, G2011239
Censored quantile regression with varying coefficientsYin, G; Zeng, D; Li, H201332
Central cardiovascular effects of CPU-23. a substituted tetrahydroisoquinoline in ratsDong, H; Lee, CM; Ng, KW; Wong, TM199598
Central limit theorems for eigenvalues in a spiked population modelBai, Z; Yao, JF2008165
A chain multinomial model for estimating the real-time fatality rate of a disease, with an application to severe acute respiratory syndromeYip, PSF; Lau, EHY; Lam, KF; Huggins, RM2005175
Changes in marital structure and their impacts on Hong Kong societyYip, PSF; Xie, KSY2006100
Changes in serum lipoprotein(a) and lipids during treatment of hyperthyroidismKung, AWC; Pang, RWC; Lauder, I; Lam, KSL; Janus, ED1995564
Characteristic Functions of L1-Spherical and L1-Norm Symmetric Distributions and Their ApplicationsNg, KW; Tian, GL2001122
Characteristics of elderly people who prefer to stay in the communityLou, VW; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Kwan, CW; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS2009402
Characterization of comonotonicity using convex orderCheung, KC2008142
Characterization of distributional forms for compositional data and associated distributional testsAitchison, J; MateuFigueras, G; Ng, KW2003110
Characterization of sounds emanating from the human temporomandibular jointsPrinz, JF; Ng, KW1996132
Characterization of weak no-arbitrage in frictional marketsLi, ZF; Wang, Y; Yang, H200292
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