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Barnett, V. and Lewis, T, Outliers in statistical dataFung, TWK1994227
Basket trading under co-integration with the logistic mixture autoregressive modelCheng, X; Yu, PLH; Li, WK2011335
Bayes and empirical Bayes estimation for the panel threshold autoregressive model and non-Gaussian time seriesLiu, Ka-yee.; 廖家怡.2005637
Bayesian analysis in Markov regime-switching modelsKoh, You Beng.; 辜有明.2012268
Bayesian analysis of clustered interval-censored dataWong, MCM; Lam, KF; Lo, ECM2005328
Bayesian analysis of errors-in-variables in generalized linear modelsTang, Pui-kuen.; 鄧沛權1992325
Bayesian analysis of order-statistics models for ranking dataYu, PLH2000118
Bayesian analysis of probability models on ranking dataYu, PLH1996111
Bayesian analysis of wandering vector models for displaying ranking dataYu, PLH; Chan, LKY2001400
Bayesian analysis of wandering vector models for ranking dataChan, Kit-yin.; 陳潔妍1998307
Bayesian approach for adaptive designYin, G; Yuan, Y201097
Bayesian approach in analyzing clustered interval-censored dataWong, MCM; Lo, ECM; Lam, KF2003194
Bayesian computation for contingency tables with incomplete cell-countsTian, GL; Wang Ng, K; Geng, Z2003331
A Bayesian conditional autoregressive geometric process model for range dataChan, JSK; Lam, CPY; Yu, PLH; Choy, STB; Chen, CWS2012113
Bayesian cure rate frailty models with application to a root canal therapy studyYin, G2005130
Bayesian cure rate model accommodating multiplicative and additive covariatesYin, G; Nieto-Barajas, LE2009196
Bayesian Data Augmentation Dose Finding with Continual Reassessment Method and Delayed ToxicityLiu, S; Yin, G; Yuan, Y201342
Bayesian dose finding by jointly modelling toxicity and efficacy as time-to-event outcomesYuan, Y; Yin, G2009113
Bayesian Dose Finding for Combined Drugs with Discrete and Continuous DosesHuo, L; Yuan, Y; Yin, G201277
Bayesian dose finding in oncology for drug combinations by copula regressionYin, G; Yuan, Y2009163
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