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A classification of managerial work in South-east AsiaCasey, Terry William.1976212
A comparative study of job satisfaction patterns of tool makers & executivesTam, Yiu-cho.; 談耀祖.1985195
A comparison of the conflict behaviour between the Chinese and Westernsenior executives in Hong KongTang Cheung, Fung-yee, Sara.; 鄧張鳳儀.1985258
A marketing plan for Hong Kong Housing Authority in letting commercialtenanciesTang, Kwok-wai.; 鄧國偉.1985238
A philosophy of marketing research methodology: representation, relevance and realityWong, Yik-man; 王益民2002301
A preliminary study of Hong Kong warrants using the Black-Scholesoption pricing modelKo, Chi-keung, Anthony.; 高志強1985288
A preliminary study of the economic impact of international tourism onthe People's Republic of ChinaZhu, Mei; 朱梅1997222
A resource view and a social exchange view on leader-member dynamics: a meta-analysis of LMX and a study ofsupervisor monitoring influencing subordinate innovationLiao, Yi; 廖逸2013105
A strategic study of the market for MBA degrees in Hong KongLeung, Kong-yui.; 梁剛銳.1989267
A study of banking needs and bank selection criteria among local corporations and recommendation for bank marketing strategyMak, Suk-fong, Julia.; 麥淑芳.1985347
A study of corporate governance among the listed Chinese family enterprises in Hong KongWong, Wai-kei.; 王偉琪.2001466
A study of decision support system application in productivity measurement by micro-computerSo, Chek-leung, Bassanio.; 蘇植良1985273
A study of dividend policies and behaviours of major Hong Kong companiesWong, Kit-ming, Nelson.; 黃杰明.1985231
A study of material planning in cigarette productionFung, Koon-yau.; 馮冠游.1990270
A study of mutual fund flow and market return volatilityWang, Ying; 王瑩2003545
A study of private enterprises in China: strategy for survival and development in the institutionalenvironmentYu, Huizhen.; 余慧貞2002219
A study of the business strategies of Japanese department stores in Hong KongTang, Chung-man, Victoria.; 鄧仲敏.1990239
A study of the implied volatility function: evidence from Hang Seng Index options market in Hong KongShi, Qi; 施琦2005643
A study of the marketing mix of leading cosmetics brands in Hong Kong and an analysis of their market positioning strategiesNg, Yee-chung, Anita.; 伍懿聰.19851,407
A study of value-at-risk models and their prediction powerLi, Gang; 李剛2005283
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