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Tabu search for single machine scheduling with distinct due windows and weighted earliness/tardiness penaltiesWan, G; Yen, BPC200278
Tabu Search for Total Weighted Earliness and Tardiness Minimizing on a Single Machine with Distinct Due WindowsYen, BP; Wan, G.H2002104
Taco Bell: prospects in Hong Kong and China :a strategic guideFerry, Peter Christopher.1993985
Tax and Financial Reporting Incentives for Income Shifting: An Empirical Analysis of the Transfer Pricing Behavior of Chinese-listed CompaniesLo, AWY; Wong, RMK; Firth, M200796
Tax Compliance and Audit Adjustment—An Investigation of the Transfer Pricing MethodologiesLo, AWY; Wong, RMK2007238
Taxation reform of China and its effectsSuen, Wing-ching.; 孫永淸1998236
Teaching Key Topics in Computer Science and Information Systems through a Search Engine Project'Chau, MCL; Huang, Z; Chen, H200392
Teaching key topics in computer science and information systems through a web search engine projectChau, M; Huang, Z; Chen, H200370
Team learning from mistakes: The contribution of cooperative goals and problem-solvingTjosvold, D; Yu, ZY; Hui, C200457
Technical analysis of the foreign exchange marketChow, Man-kin.; 周文堅1992176
Technical entrepreneurship: an exploratory studyKo, Yu-keung.; 何愈強.1983195
Technological capability growth and performance outcome: Foreign versus local firms in ChinaJu, M; Zhou, KZ; Gao, GY; Lu, J201336
Technological capability, strategic flexibility, and product innovationZhou, KZ; Wu, F201085
Technological knowledge, product relatedness, and parent control: The effect on IJV survivalXu, D; Lu, JW200799
Technology implementation for telemedicine programsChau, PYK; Hu, PJH200455
Technology implementation for telemedicine programs: Lessons from experiences in Hong KongChau, PYK; Hu, P.J.H2004312
Television audience measurement: a study of why television audience measurement is undertaken in Hong Kong, whatinformation is needed by users and how this information should bepresentedWu, Wai-on, Thomas.; 吳偉岸.1981409
A Temporal Perspective Of Psychological Ownership And Employee Extra-role BehaviorHui, C; Lee, C; Liu, J200894
Tencent: Expanding from China to the WorldCelly, N; Lo, WH201353
Termination agreements in M&A contractingWu, CW; Reuer, JJ2010123
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