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Results 1952 to 1971 of 2416
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The school-to-work transition: A role identity perspectiveNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2007120 Strategic Repositioning of a NewspaperFarhoomand, AF; Kwan, EYH2000104
Searching and Mining the Web for Personalized and Specialized Information'Chau, MCL200579
Segmentation of lecture videos based on text: A method combining multiple linguistic featuresLin, M; Chau, M; Nunamaker Jr, JF; Chen, H2004326
A semi-analytical solution for a newsboy problem with mid-period replenishmentLau, HS; Lau, AHL199746
Seminal Papers in China Marketing: The Last 25 YearsTse, DKC; Tu, P2004207
Sequential divestiture and firm asymmetryZhou, W201332
Sequential information integration and belief trajectories: an experimental study using candidate evaluationsChung, S; Fink, EL; Waks, L; Meffert, MF; Xie, X201258
Serialized drama and news programme viewers: a study on their socio-economic status, lifestyle and personalitytraits and the implications in consumer product marketingChan, Hing-cheong; 陳慶祥.1981219
Servant leadership and team performance: moderating effects of cultural valuesLam, S; Hui, C; Lee, C201232
Service quality in banking: a longitudinal study in Hong KongLai, Pui-ming, Amy.; 黎沛明.1996290
Service quality of hospitals in Hong Kong: a longitudinal measurement by SERVQUALLam, SSK199573
Service quality: a strategic issue for an international terminal operator in southeast Asia to maintain itsleading position as the best container terminal operator in HongKongChan, Kwok-shun, Henry.; 陳國順.1996151
Service Relationship Building Process: Does the Customer-Employee Relationship Matter?Yim, BCK; Tse, DKC; Chan, W2005198
Service science in information systems researchZhang, H; Wei, CP; Chau, PYK201256
Service value as a source of competitive advantage: exploring its application in the airline industryNg, Ka-wai, Ophelia.; 吳家慧.1995237
ServiceFinder: A method towards enhancing service portalsFang, X; Sheng, ORL; Chau, M2007105
SERVQUAL: A tool for measuring patients' opinions of hospital service quality in Hong KongLam, SSK1997439
Seven Eleven Japan: Venturing into e-Tailing'Farhoomand, AF2004146
Sheltered workshops: the extent to which business practices can or should be appliedSavage, Marianne Dorothy.1988178
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