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Quality control circles in Hong Kong, with a survey and case studyHo, Chiu-lam.; 何樵林.1984470
Quality management and job satisfaction: an empirical studyLam, SSK1995107
Quality management in Hongkong telecom: effects & effectivenessLau, Ting-fai, Keith.; 劉庭輝.1996344
Quality management in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force: its implementation and the way forwardCheung, Shun-ho, Edwin.; 張遜豪.1996367
Quality management issues facing a testing laboratoryChan, Chi-chung.; 陳智聰.1998472
Quality management system and job satisfaction of supervisorsFung, Wai-yee, Judy.; 馮蕙儀.1996308
The Quality of Financial Reporting in ChinaWu, M; Wang, X2009112
Quality planning performance: an empirical analysis in Hong KongLam, SSK199558
Quality Planning: The Relationship Between Objective and ProcessLam, SSK199771
Quality services in the Inland Revenue DepartmentChat, Yiu-tong, Vincent.; 翟耀棠.1998287
Quality training: an expert system applicationCheung, Kam-hing.; 張金慶1996254
Quantitative and qualitative examination of propositions concerning supervisor-subordinate convergence in descriptions of leader-member exchange (LMX) qualityZhou, X; Schriesheim, CA2010141
Quantitative models for direct marketing: A review from systems perspectiveBose, I; Chen, X2009283
Quantitative models in support of direct marketing in electronic channelsBose, I2009121
Quantity discount and handling-charge reduction schemes for a manufacturer supplying numerous heterogeneous retailersLau, AHL; Lau, HS; Zhou, YW2008144
Quatitative [sic] analysis of residential property value in Hong KongLee, Yiu-cheung.; 李耀祥.1998269
A queueing model to evaluate the impact of patient "batching" on throughput and flow time in a medical teaching facilityDobson, G; Lee, HH; Sainathan, A; Tilson, V201264
A Queueing Model to Evaluate the Impact of Patient “Batching” on Throughput and Flow Time in a Medical Teaching FacilityDobson, G; Lee, H; Sainathan, A; Tilson, V201239
Radio Frequency Identification For Customer Relationship ManagementBose, I; Leung, ACM200797
Rationalize contemporary sourcing business by supply chain Leadership : Case for Apparel IndustryLau, SH; Ho, M; Yen, BP2006111
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