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NanoPort: A web portal for nanoscale science and technologyChau, M; Chen, H; Qin, J; Zhou, Y; Sung, WK; Qin, Y; Mcdonald, D; Lally, A; Chen, Y; Landon, M200293
National Animosity: Conceptualization, Measurement Characteristics and Salience in International Business Decisions', Academy of International Business-Michigan State UniversityTse, DKC2004189
National institutional characteristics and firm performanceIsobe, T; Makino, S; Chan, CMK200484
National institutional characteristics and foreign affiliate performanceIsobe, T; Makino, S; Chan, CMK200479
National strategic development planning model for electronic data interchangeFarhoomand, Ali F; Boyer, Pierre199451
Natural Sample Spaces and Uncertain BeliefGavanski, I; Hui, C199263
Negotiating multiple sourcingDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2006111
Negotiating Your Way Into ChinaO'Connor, NG200765
Negotiation techniques and their applications in the diamond businessFong Yan, W.; 鍾煒霖1988215
Negotiator Mixed Motives and Perception of Relative Power in Transfer Pricing NegotiationChan, CWH199990
Network-based market knowledge and product innovativenessBao, Y; Sheng, S; Zhou, KZ2012115
Networking of Chinese entrepreneurs and managers in Hong Kong: an exploratory studyKwong, Sing-szee.; 鄺勝仕.2002227
Networks as a source of competitive advantage in investment banking: a study of the syndicated loan market inAsia 1994-1997 from a social network perspectiveMcGregor, Heather Jane.2003444
New banking product development: a study of related intergroup problems and impact of TQM efforts on intergroupbehaviourLee, Tze-wan, Sabrina.; 李芷芸。.1996278
New frontiers in international strategyRicart, JE; Enright, MJ; Ghemawat, P; Hart, SL; Khanna, T2004208
New marketing paradigms in pharmaceutical industryLai, Wing-leung.; 黎永亮1996236
New ownership forms in transitional economies: emergence, characteristics and performance of China's joint stock companiesTse, DKC; Lau, CM1999101
New product development for a food and beverage company: A showcase of evidence-based managementMan, DC; Lui, SS; Lai, J2010181
The newsstand problem: A capacitated multiple-product single-period inventory problemLau, HS; Lau, AHL1996100
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