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Key success factors and innovation in the financial market data industryLi, Yin-kwan, Lorraine.; 李燕群1998527
Key to success in international telecom market: a regional focusLiu, Sien-lap.; 劉先立1997240
Knowing the Location: An Empirical Analysis of the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations in Asia PacificEnright, MJ; Newton, J200396
Knowledge Flows in MNCs: Hub-and-Spoke or Heterarchy?Enright, MJ; Venkata Subban, S; Williamson, PJ2009109
Knowledge management gap: Determined initiatives, unsuccessful resultsChan, INM; Chau, PYK2007180
Knowledge Worker Constraints in Productive Use of Information TechnologyDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199979
Labor unions and tax aggressivenessChyz, JA; Leung, WSC; Zhen Li, O; Meng Rui, O201359
Labour importation in Hong Kong: a study of its implications on human resource management and workplacerelationsLee, Oi-man, Grace.; 李藹雯.1997496
A Lagrangean Relaxation Based Scheme For Allocation Of BandwidthBose, I200558
Land policy and the small-medium manufacturers in Hong KongTo, Lai-che, Patrick.; 陶禮治.1998397
Large is beautiful: Horizontal mergers for better exploitation of business shocksZhou, W200875
Large is beautiful: Horizontal mergers for better exploitation of production shocksZhou, W200849
Latest development and applications of internet services in Hong Kong: a comparative study to our United Statesand Singapore counterpartsFung, Kai-yuen.; 馮啓元.1998199
Laws & regulations, practice & procedure in setting up joint ventures in the People's Republic of China (PRC)Ip, Sun-sum, Alcid.; 葉新森1992159
Laying an e-Governement Foundation'Farhoomand, AF200667
Leader's moral character: a beginning point of neo-confucian thoughts on management in Cheng Bor-shiuan, Huang Kuo-long and Kuo Chien-chih (eds)Tse, DKC; Leung, K1998249
Leadership in China: Recent studies on relationship buildingTjosvold, D; Hui, C200161
Leadership under the macro-lens: what micro-management can learn from the macro-phenomenon of strategic alliancesMan, DC201219
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): PrefaceChau, M; Wang, AG; Yue, WT; Chen, H201267
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: PrefaceChen, H; Yang, CC; Chau, M; Li, SH200939
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