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Japanese and Chinese management information systems and the question of transferabilityFukuda, K. John1982442
Japanese business networks: Hong Kong case studiesLau, Po-wah, Chris.; 劉寶華.1997384
Japanese influence on the Shanghainese textile industry and implications for Hong KongNishida, Judith Mary.1990362
Job attitudes of officers of Marine Region Royal Hong Kong Police Force and the managerial implicationsLee, Ting-kwok; 李定國1995264
Job characteristics and job attitudes: a study of two occupation groupsCheung, Tak-ming.; 張德明1982279
Job evaluation and organisation development for Sunciti Manufacturers LtdHung, Ling-cheuk, James; 孔令焯1981411
Job evaluation and salary administration: an empirical studyYu, Wai-yun, Gloria; 余蕙茵1984490
Job insecurity in Chinese context: a critical reviewZhao, H; Huang, GH; Lee, C; Chen, G; Hui, C201296
Job Satisfaction among Quality Managers in Hong Kong: A SurveyLam, SSK199769
Job satisfaction of Hong Kong hospital administratorsCheng, Kwong-woon.; 鄭廣桓.1988331
Job satisfaction: a study of civil engineers in Hong KongHo, Yuk-ching, Margaret.; 何玉晶.1985324
Joint consultation in intraorganisation communicationNg, Shuk-wan, Grace.; 伍淑雲.1987168
Joint ventures in China: relation with governmentHo, Wing-yee, Eva.; 何詠儀1994256
Joint ventures in China: structure and controlChan, Rosanna.; 陳韻珊1994271
Joint ventures in China: technology managementLai, Mee-fung, Janice.; 黎美鳳1994272
Joint ventures in P.R.C.: financialaspectsFong, Lai-wah, Lily.; 方麗華1994238
Joint ventures: a case study on an international joint venture in the construction industry in HongKongChung, Hon-tat.; 鍾漢達.1993510
Juggling paradoxical strategies: the emergent role of IT capabilitiesKathuria, A; Konsynski, BR201225
Just-in-time (JIT) concept: a case study of its implementation in a computer peripheral manufacturer in HongKongChaw, Chi-chuen.; 周志聰.1991814
Just-in-time scheduling with machining economics for single-machine turning processLinn, RJ; Yen, B; Zhang, W200048
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