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Ideas Versus Reality: Core Competence at NEC and GTE'Enright, MJ2003153
Identifying early adopters of new IT products: A case of Windows 95Chau, PYK; Hui, KL1998103
Idiosyncratic deals and organizational attachment: the roles of organizational-based self-esteem and individualismLee, C; Hui, C; Liu, J2010248
Idiosyncratic deals and organizational commitmentNg, TWH; Feldman, DC201066
Idiosyncratic Volatility, Fundamentals and the Institutional Herding: The Case of Japan'Chang, EC; Dong, S200493
Idiosyncratic Volatility, Fundamentals, and Institutional Herding: Evidence from the Japanese Stock MarketChang, EC; Sen, D2006109
Image measurement of four supermarket chains in Hong KongLi, Ch‘i-hung; 李志雄1983447
Imaging technology and its strategic applications in organizations in Hong KongWong, Tak-sing, Andy; 黃德成1994272
Impact Analysis Of Phishing Announcements On Market Value Of Hong Kong BanksLeung, ACM; Bose, I200874
Impact of Chinese culture on personnel management in Hong Kong &China: with study on cross-border businessestablishmentsAu Yeung, Suk-fong, Alsace.; 歐陽淑芳.1994267
The Impact of Electronic Commerce on ProcurementYen, BPC; Ng, EOS2003835
The impact of embarrassment on condom purchase behaviourDahl, DW; Gorn, GJ; Weinberg, CB199864
The impact of FDI on the productivity of domestic firms: The use of ChinaZhou, D; Li, S; Tse, DK200256
The impact of free and exaggerated prices on perceived quality of servicesGorn, GJ; Tse, DK; Weinberg, CB199151
The impact of IFRS adoption on foreign direct investmentGordon, LA; Loeb, MP; Zhu, W2012196
The impact of income on democracy revisitedChe, Y; Lu, Y; Tao, Z; Wang, P201395
Impact of information presentation modes on online shopping: An empirical evaluation of a broadband interactive shopping serviceChau, PYK; Au, G; Tam, KY20003,409
The impact of job embeddedness on innovation-related behaviorsNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2010147
The impact of mandatory IFRS adoption on audit fees: Theory and evidenceLiu, X; Kim, JB; Zheng, L201257
The impact of order and mode of market entry on profitability and market sharePan, Y; Li, S; Tse, DK1999131
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