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Happiness and Development: The Effect of Mental Well-being on Economic GrowthLi, BEN; Lu, Y2009113
Harmonization of Chinese accounting standards with international accounting standards: necessity, progress andeffectivenessChen, Feng; 陳峰2001376
Harmonizing conflict in husband-wife purchase decision making: Perceived fairness and spousal influence dynamicsSu, C; Zhou, KZ; Zhou, N; Li, JJ200850
Has the 'golden rule' lost its aura? Revisiting multimarket contact in the U.S. domestic airline industryChellappa, RK; Sin, RG; Sambamurthy, V201173
Hayco Manufacturing Ltd: Staff Welfare at the Shenzhen Factory'Wong, GYY2004255
Heightening adolescent vigilance toward alcohol advertising to forestall alcohol useGoldberg, ME; Niedermeier, KE; Bechtel, LJ; Gorn, GJ200659
HelpfulMed: Intelligent searching for medical information over the InternetChen, H; Lally, AM; Zhu, B; Chau, M200372
Herd behavior and foreign direct investment: The case of Japanese multinational corporationsChan, CMK; Makino, S; Isobe, T2004115
Hi-tech marketing in the Pacific Rim: a standardization or diversification strategyChan, Kai-cheong, Terence.; 陳啓昌1992260
Hidden Profile Decision Making: The Effects of Group EfficacyLam, SSK; Yeung, JCK200881
A hierarchical assessment method using bayesian network for material risk detection on green supply chainYen, BPC; Zeng, B2010161
A hierarchical model of information systems successFarhoomand, AF; Drury, DH199866
The hierarchical model of market entry modesPan, Y; Tse, DK2000795
A hierarchical structural model of information systems successDrury, DH; Farhoomand, AF199894
High technology and globalization challenges facing overseas Chinese entrepreneursAhlstrom, D; Young, M; Ng, F; Chan, CMK2004146
Highly Confident Transportation: Dynamics of IT Application in Supply Chain ManagementYen, BP; Lin, J2008341
A historiographical examination of information systemsFarhoomand, AF; Drury, DH1999119
Hold Your Enemies Closer: In Search of Positive Impacts of Horizontal Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic FirmsLu, Y; Ni, J; Tao, Z200991
The Hong Kong AdvantageEnright, MJ; Scott, EE; Dodwell, D199777
Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: The Economic InteractionEnright, MJ; Chang, K.M; Scott, E; Zhu, W2003123
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