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Gaming with Mr. Slot or gaming the slot machine? Power, anthropomorphism, and risk perceptionKim, S; McGill, AL2011105
Gender, extra-firm mobility, and compensation attainment in the United States and Hong KongLam, SSK; Dreher, GF200491
A General Approach To Modelling Non-normally Distributed Cost Variance Data: An IllustrationGribbin, DW; Lau, AHL199349
A generic model and design representation technique of service productsMa, Q; Tseng, MM; Yen, B2001140
Geographic Concentration and Vertical Disintegration: a Causality StudyLi, G; Lu, Y200771
Geographic concentration and vertical disintegration: Evidence from ChinaLi, B; Lu, Y2009170
Geographies and International Business: A Three Dimensional Approach'Enright, MJ2002119
Getting knowledge management right: Lessons from failure'Chan, NM; Chau, PYK2005432
Global brand expansion: How to select a market entry strategyDev, CS; Brown, JR; Zhou, KZ200787
Global e-Commerce: Text and CasesFarhoomand, AF; Lovelock, P200190
Global e-Commerce: Text and Cases in KoreanFarhoomand, AF; Lovelock, P200287
Global e-Commerce: Text and Cases Plus Instructor's ManualFarhoomand, AF; Lovelock, P200191
Global environmental issues and strategic implications to Hong Kong industryKam, Yee-tsui, Michelle.; 甘綺翠1994197
Global innovation generation and financial performance in business-to-business relationships: The case of cross-border alliances in the pharmaceutical industrySivakumar, K; Roy, S; Zhu, J; Hanvanich, S2011150
Global IT and IT-enabled servicesChau, M; Ball, GL; Huang, J; Chen, J; Zhao, JL2011170
Global marketing strategies applicability within AsiaHa Ng, Pui-suk Ophelia.; 夏吳佩淑1985267
The Globalization of Competition and the Localization of Competition: Policies Toward Regional ClusteringEnright, MJ1999381
Globalization, Regionalization, and the Knowledge-Based Economy in Hong KongEnright, MJ2002163
Goal orientations and performance: Role of temporal normsLee, C; Hui, C; Tinsley, CH; Niu, X200658
Goals or means: how psychological distance influences depletion effectsAgrawal, N; Wan, EW2010196
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