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e-SCM and ERP Integration at Neway: Challenges and SolutionsBose, I; Pal, R; Ye, A2006117
e-Service Environment: Impacts of Web Interface Characteristics on Consumers' Online Shopping BehaviorYim, BCK; Hong, W; Tam, K.Y2003189
E-supply Chain System At Valvex And Its Integration With ERP SystemPal, R; Bose, I; Ye, C2007135
Earnings management by late reportersChai, Lai-ping, Mary.; 柴麗萍1999353
Earnings Management, Incentive Contracts and Private Information AcquisitionChan, DKW; Gao, JJ201328
Earnings news, managerial talent and information transfersWang, X; Yeung, E201282
Earnings/price ratio anomaly of the Hong Kong stock marketYam, Chan-yin, Rua.; 任燦賢.1988383
East Asian Financial CrisisWong, RYC199895
The Economic and Social Embeddedness of Relational Governance: An Empirical StudyPoppo, L; Zhou, KZ; Zenger, T2003139
Economic consequences of accounting conservatismMa, Lizhi.; 馬立支.2011510
The Economic Consequences of Limiting the Joint Provision of Audit and Nonaudit ServicesChan, DKW2004110
Economic effects of international tourism industry on Hong Kong economyLau, Woon-chung, Arthur.; 劉桓強.1987426
Economic Globalization - The Challenges'Wong, RYC1999128
Economic institutions and FDI location choice: Evidence from US multinationals in ChinaDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z200860
An economic model of portal competition under privacy concernsChellappa, RK; Sin, RG200787
An Economic Study of Hong Kong's Manufacturing-Related Producer Services IndustryTao, Z; Wong, RYC200188
An Economic Study of Hong Kong's Producer Service Sector and Its Role in Supporting ManufacturingWong, RYC; Tao, Z; Chan, CS2000162
Economic Transformation and Recovery in Hong Kong and Singapore'Wong, RYC1999100
Economist Intelligence Unit's Views Wire: New Wine in a New BottleLovelock, P; Farhoomand, AF200092
ECRA co-editors' introduction for Vol. 9, Issue 4, July-August 2010Kauffman, RJ; Chau, PYK; Payne, TR; Christopher Westland, J201043
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