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Call center outsourcing: Coordinating staffing level and service qualityRen, ZJ; Zhou, YP200874
A call-routing problem with service-level constraintsGans, N; Zhou, YP200366
Call-routing schemes for call-center outsourcingGans, N; Zhou, YP200762
'Calm but Cruel':How Self-Affirmation Changes Word-of-Mouth Intentions for the Self versus OthersKim, S; McGill, A201327
Camparing Apples with Apples: The Impartance of Element Wording in Grid Applications.Wright, RP; Lam, SSK200293
Can Chinese discuss conflicts openly? Field and experimental studies of face dynamics in ChinaTjosvold, D; Hui, C; Sun, H200463
Can creativity be learned: a knowledge management approach to creativity supportCheung, Pak-keung.; 張柏強.2006622
Can flexibility be constraining?Pinker, E; Lee, HH; Berman, O2010110
Can good citizens lead the way in providing quality service? A field quasi experimentHui, C; Lam, SSK; Schaubroeck, J200160
Can Government Policies Induce Earnings Management Behavior? Evidence from Chinese Public Listed FirmsLi, X; Hu, N; Liu, L; Qi, B; Tian, G201225
Can I do it? Can you do it? Roles of self-efficacy and other-efficacy of customers and employees in service participationYim, BCK; Chan, KW; Lam, SSK201194
Can international trading business gain strategic advantage through the new information technologies?Lau, Yu-kong, Lawrence.; 劉汝剛1998348
Can you fix it? Effects of visual processing capacity on Visual aesthetic response.Gorn, GJ; Stamatogiannakis, A.; Chattopadhyay, A2008123
Can you get a better deal elsewhere? The effects of psychological contract replicability on organizational commitment over timeNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2008212
Capital asset pricing model: is it relevant in Hong KongKam, Wai-hung, Simon.; 甘偉雄.1993339
Capital budgeting practice in Hong KongChong, Keung, Jeffrey.; 張強.1997341
Capital budgeting: a major survey of the investment practices in large companies in Hong KongTong, Wai-kwong.; 唐偉光.1989410
Capital choice of Hong Kong listed companiesWong, Lui-ming.; 王磊明.1997159
Capital equipment buying behavior in electronics manufacturing companies in Hong KongTong, Kam-wing.; 唐錦榮.1991174
Capital or knowhow: The role of foreign multinationals in Sino-foreign joint venturesBai, CE; Lu, J; Tao, Z2010111
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