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Babyfaces, trait inferences, and company evaluations in a public relations crisisGorn, GJ; Jiang, Y; Johar, GV2008194
Bandwidth Packing For Priority ClassesBose, I200565
Bandwidth packing with priority classesBose, I2009119
Bank failuresTam, Siu-kee.; 譚肇基1998365
Bank financing of industrial projects in the PRCChan, Hin-chung, John.; 陳顯中1989383
Bank loans vs. Trade credit;Evidence from ChinaDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z201293
Bargaining, bonding, and partial ownershipDasgupta, S; Tao, Z200090
Barriers to Global Electronic Commerce: A Conceptual FrameworkFarhoomand, AF; Tuunaninen, V199667
Barriers to global electronic commerce: A cross-country study of Hong Kong and FinlandFarhoomand, AF; Tuunainen, VK; Yee, LW2000448
Barriers to the Productive Use of ComputersDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF200080
Becoming Canadian: understanding how Hong Kong immigrants change their consumptionWeiNa Lee; Tse, DK199466
Becoming Truly Global: Which Chinese Brands Can Succeed in Affluent Global Markets and HowTan, P.; Tse, DKC201256
Behavioral theories and the pricing of IPOs' discretionary current accrualsLi, X201169
Behavioural trends in a multi-level marketing organization, with focuson the Amway Hong Kong distributor organizationCheng Li, Kam-fun, Eva.; 鄭李錦芬.1989327
Benchmarking of the commercial banking system in PR ChinaLaviziano, Angiolo.1999250
Between trade unionism and professionalism: the collective organisation of school teachers and social workers inHong KongChan, Wing-chiu, Andy.; 陳榮照.2000461
Beyond globalization: effectiveness of technology strategies of foreign firms in ChinaTse, CHY; Yim, BCK; Yin, E201181
Bi-sourcing in the global economyDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2009165
Bi-sourcing in the Global EconomyDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z200675
A blog mining frameworkChau, M; Xu, J; Cao, J; Lam, P; Shiu, B200994
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