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A sample method for efficient separation and purification of c-phycocyanin and allophycocyanin from Spirulina platensisZhang, YM; Chen, SF1999129
Screening for amylose content in relation to starch functional properties in wheat genetic resources (Abstract)Bhattacharya, M; Corke, H1997133
Screening of Chlorella strains for the heterotrophic production of luteinShi, X; Chen, SF; Yuan, J; Chen, H1997106
Screening of genes related to pollen development in a thermo-sensitivemale sterile rice (Oryza sativa L.): cloningand characterization of UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylaseMu, Hong; 穆虹2001281
Sec-dependent and Sec-independent translocation of haloacid dehalogenase Chd1 of Burkholderia cepacia MBA4 in Escherichia coliTsang, JSH; Sze, J2002125
Secretion of Bacillus phytase from tobacco roots enhances phosphorus utilizationLim, BL; Wang, L; Wu, WL; Lung, SC; Yip, WK2003123
Secretion of beta-propeller phytase from tobacco and Arabidopsis roots enhances phosphorus utilizationLung, SC; Chan, WL; Yip, W; Wang, L; Yeung, EC; Lim, BL2005158
Selection of desirable starch pasting properties in wheat for use in white salted or yellow alkaline noodlesBhattacharya, M; Corke, H1996169
Selenium-binding phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis: selenium distribution and scavenging activityHuang, Z; Guo, BJ; Chen, SF; Wong, RNS; Jiang, Y2005118
Separation and Analysis of Carotenoids and Chlorophylls in Haematococcus lacustris by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Photodiode Array DetectionYuan, JP; Gong, XD; Chen, F1997178
Separation and determination of astaxanthin from microalgal and yeast samples by molecularly imprinted microspheresLai, JP; Jiang, Y; He, XW; Huang, JC; Chen, F2004176
Separation and determination of the antitumor drug piritrexim by molecularly imprinted microspheres in high-performance liquid chromatographyLai, JP; He, XW; Chen, F2003133
Separation and identification of astaxanthin esters and chlorophylls in Haematococcus lacustris by HPLCYuan, JP; Gong, XD; Chen, F1996157
Separation and Identification of free astaxanthins from hydrolyzed astaxanthin esters in Haematococcus lacustris by HPLC-photodiode array detection (Abstract)Yuan, J; Chen, SF1997115
Separation and identification of furanic compounds in fruit juices and drinks by HPLC-PDA detectionYuan, J; Chen, SF1998113
Separation and purification of bioactive components from the Chinese medicinal plant Scutellaria baicalensisLi, H; Jiang, Y; Chen, SF2004116
Separation and purification of phycocyanins from Spirulina platensis in mixotrophic cultureZhang, YM; Guo, SY; Chen, SF1999110
Separation methods used for Scutellaria baicalensis active componentsLi, HB; Jiang, Y; Chen, F2004136
Serine proteinase inhibitor proteins: Exogenous and endogenous functionsChye, ML; Sin, SF; Xu, ZF; Yeung, EC2006137
Serine proteinase inhibitors are essential for seed developmentChye, ML; Sin, SF; Yeung, ECT2006127
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