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Natural products as leads for disease prevention and treatmentChen, SF; Wang, M2006118
A new approach to calculating parameters for heat treatment of food.Chen, SF; Li, L1997111
New developments in noodle quality (Invited)Corke, H199796
Nitrogen fixation behavior of a terrestrial heterocystous cyanobacterium, Nostoc flagelliforme as affected by available nutrients in liquid suspension culture. AbstractsLiu, XJ; Chen, SF2003110
Nomenclature for two-component signaling elements of Oryza sativaSchaller, GE; Doi, K; Hwang, I; Kieber, JJ; Khurana, J; Kurata, N; Mizuno, T; Pareek, A; Shiu, SH; Wu, P; Yip, WK2007107
Non-zwitterionic structures of aliphatic-only peptides mediated the formation and dissociation of gas phase radical cationsLam, CNW; Ruan, EDL; Ma, CY; Chu, IK2006220
Nonviral retroposon TSCL from Arabidopsis thalianaChye, ML; Cheung, KY; Xu, J1997101
Nonviral retroposon TSCL from Arabidopsis thaliana (Abstract 1090)Chye, ML; Cheung, KY; Xu, J199791
Noodle quality as related to sorghum starch propertiesBeta, T; Corke, H2001139
Noodles: starchCollado, LS; Corke, H2002177
Novel functional starches from Philippine Highland yams (Dioscorea spp.) (Abstract)Salda, VB; Sun, M; Ramsden, L; Corke, H1997172
A novel perfusion system for hybridoma cell cultures by two step sequential sedimentationWen, Z; Teng, XW; Chen, SF200099
Nucleic acid and enzyme changes in rusted leaves of Vigna sesquipedalis FruwMa, Ching-yung.; 馬正勇1973227
Nucleotide diversity in starch synthase IIa and validation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in relation to starch gelatinization temperature and other physicochemical properties in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Bao, JS; Corke, H; Sun, M2006601
Nucleotide sequence of a full-length cDNA encoding an ethylene receptor from rice (Accession No. AF013979). (PGR 97-134)Yau, CP; Yip, WK1997440
Nucleotide sequences of cDNAs (Accession Nos. AJ010160, AJ010161 and AJ010162) encoding a Type-2 metallothionein-like protein from water hyacinthKong, KF; Tsang, JSH1998475
Nucleotide sequences of genomic clones (Accession nos. AJ247090, AJ247195 and AJ247196) encoding a type-2 metallothionein-like protein from water hyacinthKong, KF; Tsang, JSH1999464
Nutrient profiles of an edible cyanobacterium Nostoc flagelliformeChen, SF; Liu, X; Ma, KK; Jiang, Y2005124
Nutritional enhancement of Asian wheat products by starch and protein supplementation. In: J.R. Whitaker, N.F. Haard, C.F. Shoemaker, R.P. Singh (eds.), 'Food for Health in the Pacific Rim'' 1999Corke, H; Bejosano, FP; Collado, LS1999196
Nutritional quality and starch physicochemical properties in sweetpotatoZhang, Zhitian.; 張志田2001382
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