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Eco-physiological studies of Nostoc flagelliforme (Fat-Choi) aiming at commercial production potentialLiu, X; Chen, SF2002120
Ecogeographic studies of Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh. and Kandeliacandel (L.) Druce in Brunei, Hong Kong and ThailandMaxwell, Gordon Selwyn.1993238
Ecological studies of phytoplankton in Tai Tam Bay, Hong KongChiu, May-chun, Helen.; 趙美眞.1992266
Editorial: Feeding the world: Is biotech the answer?Corke, H1998105
Effect of Amaranthus and buckwheat protein concentrates on wheat dough properties and on noodle qualityBejosano, F; Corke, H1998123
Effect of Amaranthus and buckwheat protein on the rheological properties of cornstarch gelBejosano, F; Corke, H199990
The Effect of Autoclaving on the Acetylation of ae, wx, and Normal Maize StarchesLiu, H; Corke, H; Ramsden, L2000154
Effect of b-cyclodextrin and xanthan gum on pasting properties of wheat and potato starch and flour (Abstract)Li, W; Chang, LT; Corke, H1997111
Effect of b-cyclodextrin on pasting properties of wheat starchLi, WD; Huang, JC; Corke, H2000109
Effect of carbon source on growth and DHA accumulation in Crypthecodinium cohniiWang, JF; Liang, SZ; Chen, SF2000202
Effect of enzymatic lysis on the release of eicosapentaenoic acid from Nitzschia laevis using high-pressure homogenization and ultrasonicationHe, H; Chen, SF200097
Effect of Fe2+ and CO2 on ACC oxidase from Papaya FruitYip, WK; Song, S1997154
Effect of Ferulic Acid and Catechin on Sorghum and Maize Starch Pasting PropertiesBeta, T; Corke, H2004140
Effect of heat-moisture treatment on digestibility and pasting of sweetpotato starch (abstract)Zhang, Z; Corke, H1999182
Effect of light intensity and glucose on the growth of Spirulina platensisZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S1996262
Effect of mixing system on the growth of Spirulina platensis in a flat tank photobioreactorWei, D; Chen, SF; Guo, SY; Li, L1998127
Effect of mixing time on taxoid production in suspension cultures of Taxus chinensis in a centrifugal impeller bioreactorZhong, JJ; Pan, ZW; Wang, ZY; Wu, JY; Chen, SF; Takagi, M; Yoshida, T2002143
Effect of O2, ACC and CO2 concentration on the activity of partially purified ACC oxidase from papayaSong, SQ; Yip, WK2001110
Effect of postharvest treatments on Amaranthus betacyanin degradation evaluated by visible/near-infrared spectroscopyCai, YZ; Corke, H2001169
Effect of salt and alkaline reagents on the dynamic rheological properties of raw oriental wheat noodlesWu, JP; Beta, T; Corke, H2006125
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