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Decomposition of Bauhinia purpurea L. leaves in two Hong Kong streams and the associated fungal floraAu, Wai-ting.; 歐慧婷.1990269
Degradation of Ascorbic Acid in Aqueous SolutionYuan, JP; Chen, F1998539
Degradation of ginsenosides in American ginseng (Panax quiquefolium) extracts during microwave and conventional heatingRen, G; Chen, SF1999101
Determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in sugar solution by HPLCYuan, JP; Guo, S; Li, L; Chen, SF1996231
Determination of anions in Haematococcus lacustris culture media using indirect photometric ion chromatographyYuan, J; Yap, CY; Chen, SF; Chen, H1996119
Determination of degree of substitution of chemically modified xanthan by Raman and FT-IR spectroscopic methodsYuen, SN; Ma, CY2006135
Determination of furfural in the degradation products of ascorbic acid by HPLCYuan, JP; Chen, SF1997141
Determination of iodide in seawater and urine by size exclusion chromatography with iodine-starch complexLi, HB; Chen, F; Xu, XR2001233
Determination of iodine in seawater: methods and applicationsLi, H; Xu, X; Chen, SF2007248
Determination of moisture content of ginseng by near infra-red reflectance spectroscopyRen, G; Chen, F1997153
Determination of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in cultured microalgae by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detectionHe, HZ; Li, HB; Jiang, Y; Chen, F2005207
Determination of silicate in water by ion exclusion chromatography with conductivity detectionLi, HB; Chen, F2000206
Determination of squalene using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detectionLu, HT; Jiang, Y; Chen, F2004253
Determination of structural and thermal properties of carboxymethylated and sulfated xanthan by laser light scattering and differential scanning calorimetryYuen, SN; Ma, CY2006100
Determination of the degree of succinylation in diverse modified starches by Raman spectroscopyPhillips, DL; Xing, J; Chong, CK; Liu, H; Corke, H2000205
Determination of the membrane topology of a haloacid transporter of Burkholderia cepacia MBA4Tsang, JSH; Yu, M; Tam, V200598
Determination of the predominant catechins in Acacia catechu by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization-mass spectrometryShen, D; Wu, Q; Wang, M; Yang, Y; Lavoie, EJ; Simon, JE2006197
Determination of the Solution Structure of an Antimicrobial Peptide Derived from Human Lactoferricin by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyWong, CMQ; Chan, MS; Ma, CY; Sze, KH200792
Determination of triphenyltin and its metabolite diphenyltin by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV detectionLu, HT; Li, H; Chen, SF; Wong, MH; Jiang, Y2004197
Determination of vitamin B1 in seawater and microalgal fermentation media by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detectionHe, HZ; Li, H; Chen, SF2005234
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