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10th SCBA International Symposium, Beijing, China, 18-23 July 2004Siu, KL; Wong, CM; Jin, D2004193
1H NMR study of 2-methylimidazole binding to cytochrome c: A comprehensive investigation of the role of the methyl substituent on the ligand binding affinity and heme electronic structure in imidazole-cytochrome c complexesYao, Y; Qian, C; Wu, Y; Hu, J; Tang, W200189
A 3D collagen microsphere culture system for GDNF-secreting HEK293 cells with enhanced protein productivityWong, HL; Wang, MX; Cheung, PT; Yao, KM; Chan, BP2007272
3′ Splicing variants of ret receptor tyrosine kinase are differentially expressed in mouse embryos and in adult miceLee, KY; Samy, ET; Sham, MH; Tam, PKH; Lui, VCH2003264
4-O-sulfated Chondroitins Contribute to Axon-restrictive Property in Schwann cell-as-trocyte EncountersChan, C; Liu, H; Chan, YS; Shum, DKY2007104
-459C>T point mutation in 5′ non-coding region of human GJB1 gene is linked to X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathyLi, M; Cheng, TS; Ho, PWL; Chan, KH; Mak, W; Cheung, RTF; Ramsden, DB; Sham, PC; Song, Y; Ho, SL2009152
A 5' splice site mutation affecting the pre-mRNA splicing of two upstream exons in the collagen COL1A1 gene. Exon 8 skipping and altered definition of exon 7 generates truncated proα1(I) chains with a non-collagenous insertion destabilizing the triple helixBateman, JF; Chan, D; Moeller, I; Hannagan, M; Cole, WG199495
A biochemical study of thyrotoxic periodic paralysisAu, Kwok-shing.; 歐國城1976403
A comparative study of G-quadruplex aptamers against multiple protein targetsShum, Ka-to.; 沈家滔.2010356
A comparative study of two recombinant human glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficient variants with the normal enzymeWang, Xiaotao; 王曉濤2000184
A mechanistic study of lambdaphage-mediated recombination in E. coliHuen, Shing-yan, Michael.; 禤承恩.2006266
A mutation in avian influenza H5 hemagglutinin with efficient packaging into lentiviral backbone and its implications on receptorbindingLam, Yuen-man; 林婉雯2011202
A proteomics study to reveal the molecular response to protein misfolding in chondrocytesChan, Wai-ling; 陳慧鈴2009285
A Sox10-GFP mutant mouse model for the study of abnormal enteric nervous system development in Hirschsprung diseaseZhang, Mei; 章梅201064
A study of anti-mitogenic mechanism of epidermal growth factorLeung, Wing-cheung, Tommy.; 梁永章1999186
A study of apoptosis in a human epithelial tumour cell lineLan, Li.; 藍莉.1998165
A study of biological role of reactive oxygen species in cellular response in stressLam, Dennis; 林勁行2012211
A study of Epstein-Barr virus-encoded small regulatory RNAsChoy, Yee-wai, Elizabeth.; 蔡依慧2007230
A study of fructose-1, 6-diphosphatase: some properties including ascorbate inhibition.Lam, Wan-ying.; 李蘊盈1972194
A study of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)class I deficient mutants: R393G and R393H at the dimerinterface versus other mutantsWang, Xiaotao; 王曉濤2005505
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