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Hypertrophic chondrocytes contribute directly to the osteoblast and osteocyte lineage in endochondral bones in vivo
Society for Developmental Biology .
Cheah, KSE; Yang, L; Tang, T; Tsang, KY; Dung, NWF; Chan, D201294
SOX9 governs differentiation stage-specific gene expression in growth plate chondrocytes via direct concomitant transactivation and repression
PLoS Genetics
Public Library of Science. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, VYL; Gao, B; Leung, KKH; Melhado, IG; Wynn, SL; Au, TYK; Dung, NWF; Lau, JYB; Mak, ACY; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE2011656
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