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Results 649 to 668 of 1984
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Fabrica Cultura (Culture Fabricate): Hong Kong in VeniceDu, J; Borg-Pisani, NLR200899
Facadomy and sacrilege: appropriate and inappropriate uses of historic public structures and monumentsLung, DPY1999234
Factor urban canopy shading into outdoor thermal environmental assessmentYang, F; Lau, SSY2011119
Factory for the blindTse, Cheuk-yin, Samuel.; 謝卓然.2002470
Façade facial: abrasive cleaning of brick wall surfaces of heritage buildingsMa, Wan-lung, Daniel; 馬雲龍2006264
Fashion Design CentreNip, Kam-cheong.; 聶錦昌.1997423
Feasibility study on heritage education platform (HEP): using Kaiping Diaolou as a pilot study to demonstrate thefeasibility of using digital platform to provide an effective global-wide educational tool for heritage conservationKo, Hiu-wah.; 高曉華2007297
Feeling the Heat: Exploring the Impact of Fire in Architectural Structures through Multimodal InteractionGarcia, RJC2003117
Fengshui planning and architecture design of Beijing (1412-1911) = Beijing feng shui jian zhu gui huaChiang, Hong-man, Michael; 蔣匡文201023
Fermenting tradition : soy sauce making in Hong Kong with Kowloon Soy Ltd as a case studyKam, Ho-ching; 金可澄201335
Ferry pier at Kai TakLeung, Wai-yin, Daphne.; 梁慧妍.2004362
Fill in the residueHe, Haiyi.; 何海谊.201360
Film Academy in AberdeenWong, Wei-him, Ivan.2001221
Film Complex: resuscitation of film in commercial societyNg, Siu-hong, Ryan.; 吳兆康1999266
Finding the devil in the details: a study of heritage commodification as designed products using the case of HongKong's G.O.D.Hung, Kai-kin.; 洪啟健.201337
The fire brigadeCheung, KP1997182
Fire research & education centreTsang, Mo-chau.; 曾慕秋.1994259
Fire Safety design directions for metropolitan buildings towards 2000Cheung, KP1993156
Fire safety design for high-rise buildings - relaying of fire fighting waterCheung, KP1993124
Fish and man: understanding the cultural heritage of the Hong Kong fisherfolk through the history and communityof the fishery industryLai, Chi-pong; 黎志邦2007280
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