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Results 550 to 569 of 1983
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(E) A Brief Study of Two Green Building Label Systems - Hong Kong BEAM & China GBLLau, SSY; Zhang, Z2009409
(E) A survey of sick building syndrome: workplace design elements and perceived indoor environmental qualityGou, Z; Lau, SSY201283
(E) Assessing The Health And Safety Performance Of Residential Buildings In Hong KongHo, DCW; Chau, KW; Leung, HF; Cheung, KC; Yau, Y; Wong, SK; Lau, SSY; Renganathan, G2005143
(E) Comparison of the China Green Building Label and the U.S. LEED 2009Zhang, Z; Lau, SSY201164
(E) Energy Conscious Building Design for the Humid Subtropical Climate of Southern China, in Green Building Design: Experiences in Hong Kong and ShanghaiLau, SSY; Chan, EHW2005299
(E) Sustainable Buildings Activities in Hong Kong, Proceedings of the Recent Development of Building environment certification, labeling and assessment tools in different countriesLau, SSY2004108
(E) Sustainable Technologies for a Green Campus University in the Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference of Sustainable Buildings China Regional ConferenceLau, SSY; Kou, TT2004108
(E) The 21st Century Approach towards a Healthy Built Environment – Green Building Development in Hong Kong, in Green Building Design: Experiences in Hong Kong and ShanghaiLau, SSY; Chan, EHW2005142
(E) The Effect of Property Management on Health and Hygiene conditions of Apartment Buildings in Hong KongChau, KW; Ho, DCW; Leung, HF; Wong, SK; Cheung, KC; Lau, SSY; Wong, WS; Lung, DPY2004241
Eamesian Pedagogical ModelsSchuldenfrei, EH2008160
Earthquake shelter park in DujiangyanLuo, Bingmei.; 罗冰梅.2010107
ECO centre for childrenLau, Sei-mun, Pandora; 劉詩敏1995304
Eco-incremental Building towrads Positive Development: Mapping the Eco-production Capability of Refurbished Architecture at the Foot of the Great Wall (Under Review)Lau, SSY; Ibanez, GRA2011121
Eco-tourist centre for mariculture in Po Toi OWong, Wai-yin, Vincent.; 王偉賢2002285
Ecolodge at Whitehead, Ma On ShanChung, Pui-shun.; 叢培淳.2011166
Ecological park design: revitalization of theex-Lamma QuarryShangguan, Yujin.; 上官榆勁.2007684
Ecological restoration and urban frige park development at Anderson Road QuarryTai, Kai-wai, Thomas.; 戴繼尉.2009512
Ecological river park: tidal river channel restoration and algae bioreactor landscape treatment in Shenzhen RiverborderChir, Cheuk-yin.; 車卓妍.2010170
Ecologies of gold: the past and future mining landscapes of JohannesburgTang, DSW; Watkins, AG2011244
Ecologies of Gold: The Past and Future Mining Landscapes of JohannesburgTang, DSW; Watkins, AG201220
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