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Results 272 to 291 of 1984
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Campus design: landscape redevelopment for the Shaw College of the Chinese University of Hong KongNg, Kwok-yan, Franco.; 吳國恩.1997596
Can Public Participation Fill the Gap of Inadequate Measures for Protection and Management of Heritage Places and Their Settings in Developing Countries?: Case Studies from Old DhakaImon, SS; DiStefano, L; Lee, HY2006149
Cancer Treatment CentreTong, Ka-keung.; 唐家強.1996513
Cantonese opera garden in Yung Shue Wan, Lamma IslandZhang, An.; 張安.2005286
Cantonese opera on the temple ridge: conservation of Shek Wan ceramic figurines on the ridge of the HungShing Temple at ApleichauWong, Chun-ming; 黃振銘2008339
Capital Museum, BeijingChan, Hok-ming, Nelson.; 陳鶴明1999240
Capitania dos Portos & Direccao dos Servicos de Solos Obras Publicas e Transportes, Macau, SARCheung, DTM2011102
Car museumWong, Kin-hay, Felix.1995655
Cartoon Production Centre: an urban channel to fantasy worldMan, Kam-hung, Ricky.; 文錦洪.1996343
Castle Peak Hospital redevelopmentLi, Po-ling; 李寶玲1997335
Caves of Steel, Mapping Hong Kong in the 21st CenturySolomon, JD2008156
CCHU9001 Designs on the Future: Sustainability of the Built EnvironmentPryor, MR; Gibbs, LM; Zhang, CQ2012102
Celebration of Cities 2: An Idea for the City, UIA - International Union of ArchitectsCheung, DTM2006118
Celebration of Cities 2: Prizes Sorted by International JuryCheung, DTM2006126
Central Star ferry pier: policy, politics andprotest in the making of heritage in Hong KongChai, Kim-wah.; 蔡劍華2009264
Centralization Or Decentralization: The Trend Of Chinese City In The Rapid UrbanizationChen, H; Jia, B2006216
Centre for China StudiesLeung, Hay-lin.; 梁喜蓮.1994259
Centre for Chinese StudiesChoy, Suk-ling, Aka.; 蔡淑玲.2000222
Centre for HK Cantonese Opera Artist's AssociationWong, Hoi-yan.; 黃凱茵1998309
Centre for the hearing impaired people: a language minorityYiu, Chin-pang.; 姚展鵬1996319
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