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The object oriented paradigm in geo graphical information systemsWebster, CJ199121
An object-based urban simulation model for interactive visualisation on the WebWebster, CJ; Wu, F; Zhao, S199832
Obstacles in Implementing Safety Management on Hong Kong Building SitesPoon, SW; Wong, FKW2000122
Occupational Health and Safety in Construction Project ManagementLingard, HC; Rowlinson, SM2005211
Of bats and houses: bat mitigation measures in architectural conservation projectsLeung, Ching-lam.; 梁靜琳.2012148
Off-site sorting of construction waste: what can we learn from Hong Kong?Lu, W; Yuan, HP201231
Office decentralization in Hong Kong, 1981-89, with particular reference to the financial sectorKwan, Yuen-ling.; 關婉玲.1990370
Office decentralization: an empirical study of Hong KongHan, Zhi.; 韓置.1999666
Office decentratlization [sic] in Hong Kong: the case study of Yuen Long New TownWong, Elim.; 王以琳.2000331
Office development for the future C.B.D.Chan, Kin-fai.; 陳健輝1994347
Office land use planning and Information Technology (IT): a case study of banking sector in Hong KongYung, Hung-tan, Nelson.; 翁胸坦.2000413
Office prices in Hong Kong and impact of capital flowsShindo, Yumi.1995252
The official land value appraisal system under the land use rights reforms in ChinaLi, LH1995124
Old heritage & new desires in Lee Tung StreetNg, Pik-kei, Ilona.; 吳碧琪.2001594
Old People's community: care homeLeung, Chun-sing, Anthony.; 梁振聲2001396
Old Tai O Police Station: the Evolution of Centenary MonumentKee, TYC; Lang, J; Wang, WJ; Yeung, W2012116
On Governance' A theoretical InvestigationChan, RCK; Hu, Y2002121
On Greater China – farmotory : a farming factory in Southern ChinaSchuldenfrei, EH; Yiu, MKS201066
On Institutions and Sustainable DevelopmentLai, LWC2006140
On the Edge: ten architects from ChinaLuna, I; Tsang, TKH200655
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