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Gage Street market: a case study exploring the unique fusion of public and private space particular to streetmarkets in Hong KongPierce, James William.2011173
Gaining from olympic games legacy on land use improvement: a study on Beijing 2008 gamesAu-yeung, Wan-man, Billy; 歐陽允文2009290
Gambling leisure and urban development: the role of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey ClubFoo, Siu-kong.; 符兆剛.1984362
Gambling MuseumLi, Fuk-ming.; 李褔明2001438
Garden and city: conservation of urban cultural landscape through partnership, a case study of Macau'shistoric garden, San Francisco gardenMok, Keng-kio.; 莫京喬2007468
Gated cities of tomorrowWebster, C200128
Gated communitiesLeGoix, R; Webster, CJ200821
Gated communitiesWong, Chin-ho, Thomas; 黃展皓; University of Hong Kong2009234
Gated communities and the transitional economy of Guangzhou: Implications for urban sustainabilityChiu, RLH2009169
Gated Communities in high density Hong Kong: A pragmatic outcome?Chiu, RLH2012167
Gated communities, sustainable cities and a tragedy of the urban commonsLeGoix, R; Webster, CJ200615
Gates or no gates? A cross-european enquiry into the driving forces behind gated communitiesCséfalvay, Z; Webster, C201237
Gateway to new suburban livingWebster, CJ; leGoix, R200520
Gathering in on-street parking space: investigating the possibility of temporary conversion of on-streetparking space into the "third place"Huang, Hao; 黄曍201333
Gating Hong KongLaGrange, AR; Pretorius, FIH20092
Gauging social values: proposing assessment indicators and testing the indicators through a case study of the Peeland Graham Street Market in Hong KongHuang, Lihua, Livia.; 黄莉华.2010229
Gender inequality and housing: situation of women newly immigrating from China to Hong KongLo, Wai-yee, Anita.; 盧慧怡2001393
General Account: Theory and Practice in Heritage Conservation – Inspirations from Central OasisLung, DPY201346
General Constrained CA Models for the Planning of Sustainable Development'Yeh, AGO2005114
A General Constrained CA Planning Model' (invited keynote address)Yeh, AGO2003167
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