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A behavioral analysis of learning processes amongst construction project team members in ChinaWu, Jian; 武健20084,867
A better museum experience: re-interpreting and re-presenting the house and culture of the Sheung Yiu FolkMuseumHung, Siu-hong, Helen.; 熊少康2007980
A bioclimatic community: water and landWong, Tsz-wan, Kravitz.; 黃紫云.1998426
A boarding school for autistic childrenLee, Tsz-ho, Elvis.; 李子豪.2000510
A boarding school: mentally retarded childrenLeung, Hoi-san.; 梁海珊.1994665
A case study of a successful district shopping center in Hong Kong: Tsuen Kam CenterYeun, Man-yee.; 袁敏兒.20061,199
A case study of housing policy in Hong Kong: the Tenant Purchase SchemeHo, Si-ming, Frank.; 何社明.2003574
A case study of the building maintenance system at public rental housing estates after privatisation of project managementKao, Sao-fu.; 高修富.2006989
A case study of the public housing provision for the elderly in Hong Kong: a social aspect studyCheung, Chi-keung; 章志強2005434
A case study on the environmental measures adopted in the Tung Chung Crescent to enhance the resident's awareness of environmentalmanagementCheung, Wing-yin, Prudence; 張穎妍2009478
A case-based reasoning system for land development control using land use function patternsWang, Xingwen.; 王興文.2003582
A change in government role in welfare housing and home ownership: a comparative study of China and HongKongChan, Po-wah; 陳保華2007391
A church and community centre, StatinWong, Ho-kwan, Hogan.; 黃浩權.1995349
A Cinema(tic City)walkLau, Lik-wing, Raymond.; 劉力榮1999329
A collaborative design tool for virtual design studiosCheng, Kwai-wai.; 鄭桂懷1999290
A community for studentsChan, Kwan-fong, Florence.; 陳群芳.1998256
A comparative and typo-morphological study on the early mass-housing of colonial cities in ChinaYang, Yuping; 杨玉平2011371
A comparative study of consumer housing subsidy and producer housing subsidy in Hong KongHo, Wai-ling.; 賀慧玲.2006406
A comparative study of cost benefit analysis and environmental performance in a property management site before and after ISO 14001implementationChan, Kwai-sun, Kenneth.; 陳貴新.2000372
A comparative study of industrial land policies in Hong Kong and SingaporeHastings, Eileen Mary.1984287
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