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TBM tunnelling through unfavourable ground conditions : a case study, SSDS tunnel F, Hong KongLokusethu Hewage Don, Danuska Hasitha201334
The application and significance of sediment colour intensity on the study of offshore quaternary depositsChan, Kin-chung; 陳健忠2003173
The description and interpretation of complex geology encountered at aTung Chung construction siteClayton, David Robert.2000182
The diagnostic features of fault zones from core samples and outcrop study in Hong KongTsang, Hin-sui, Calvin; 曾憲瑞2004175
The effect of water to the stability of man-made slope in Hong KongYip, Tat-wing, Francis.; 葉永達.2003215
The geological stratigraphy in the northwestern Ma Shi ChauLaw, Shing-cheong, Francis; 羅承昌201334
The impact of sea level riseWan, Wai-yin, Vivian.; 溫慧妍.2011185
The impact of the global-warming-led climate change on agricultural production of major grain producing regions in ChinaTsang, Heung-chun.; 曾向俊.2011349
The mineralization of trace elements in a skarn exposure of Hong KongWan, Kit-ying.; 尹潔瑩.201252
The relationship between ground water response and rainfall behind slope at Kwai ChungWong, Wai; 王衛2002184
The use of horizontal directional coring technique for ground investigation of tunnelling projects in Hong KongChan, Man-piu.; 陳文彪.2007614
Time-dependant deformation of embankment fill at Po Shan Road, Hong Kong: y Shek Wai Chung.Shek, Wai-chung.; 石慧中.2010326
Use of block theory in tunnel stability analysisChoi, Yam-ming, Kelvin.; 蔡任明.2006286
Use of micro-gravity technique to detect underground cavitiesLoke, Hing-wa; 陸慶華2000384
Use of photographs to delineate the northern and western boundaries of the Pos Selim landslide and study the northern earthflowCheung, Wing-yee; 張詠儀201325
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