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How marble constrains tunneling and possible solutionsChan, Sin-ping.; 陳倩屏.2011178
Hypothetical studies on ground settlement triggered by groundwater loss during tunneling activitiesLiu, K. W.; 廖家榮.2001220
Idealisation for mathematical modelling in geotechnical practiceHo, Chau-man.; 何秋文.2006250
Identification of fault zones using gravity survey and subsurface exploration: a case studyLeung, Alfreda.; 梁樂怡.2004281
Impact of blasting vibrations in an urban environmentCharlesworth, Cathy.2000188
Internal sedimentology of washover deposits in Tai Long Wan, HongKongChik, Shun-wah.; 戚舜華.2010191
Lai Chi Chong as a fieldtrip destination for the new senior secondary geography curriculumTsui, Sau-ngan.; 徐秀銀.2011268
Landslide at Chainage 23+800 of Simpang Pulai-Lojing Highway,Malaysia: the observations and datainterpretationRoslan, Norsyafina.2006252
Large diameter pile load tests in Hong Kong: a contractor's perspectiveNg, Kwok-chu, David; 吳國柱2003293
Limit equilibrium analyses of the cut slope at chainage 23+800 Pos Selim highway MalaysiaLam, Yu-wang.; 林裕宏.201257
Limit equilibrium methods for slope stability analysisLiu, Ying; 劉影20021,053
Magnetic and gradiometer survey of a site in northeastern Lantau Island Hong KongYee, Chin-ming.; 庾前明.2002166
Marine geological model in Mirs Bay, NE Hong Kong, using marine seismic reflectionLau, Chi-tong, Andy.; 劉志棠2008297
Marine geological model of Ling Ding Yang: anintegrated geological and geophysical analysisChu, Kar-wai, Peter.; 朱家偉.2010224
Mass spectrometric and quantum chemical studies of geological fluidsTse, Chi-hoi.; 謝至愷.201263
Material identification and subsurface stratigraphy of Penny's Bay reclamation site: by the method of subsurfaceexploration : piezocone penetration test and drillingChu, Lap-man, Raymond; 朱立民2002184
Microgravity survey and 2-D modelling for underground tunnelsNg, Ka-lok; 吳家洛2003206
Mini piles design and construction in current engineering practiceYiu, Wai-kei, Ricky.; 姚偉基.2001663
Mixed face tunnelling in Hong KongWai, Man-hon, John.; 韋文瀚.2005227
Natural terrain hazard assessemnt: a case sturyCharlesworth, Geoffrey John.2000820
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