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S-allylcysteine (SAC) and S-allylmercaptocysteine (SAMC), water soluble garlic derivatives, suppress growth and invasion of androgen-independent prostate cancer, under in vitro and in vivo conditionsChu, Qingjun.; 褚慶軍.2006574
S-allylcysteine (SAC), a garlic derivative, suppresses the growth fo androgen-independent prostate cancer xenograft under in vivo conditiionWong, YC; Chu, Q; Lee, DTW; Wang, X2006107
S-allylcysteine, a water-soluble garlic derivative, suppresses the growth of a human androgen-independent prostate cancer xenograft, CWR22R, under in vivo conditionsChu, Q; Lee, DTW; Tsao, SW; Wang, X; Wong, YC200788
S-allylmercaptocysteine effectively inhibits the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells under in vitro and in vivo conditionsLiang, D; Qin, Y; Zhao, W; Zhai, X; Guo, Z; Wang, R; Tong, L; Lin, L; Chen, H; Wong, YC; Zhong, Z2011142
S-allylmercaptocysteine reduces carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic oxidative stress and necroinflammation via nuclear factor kappa B-dependent pathways in miceXiao, J; Liong, EC; Ling, MT; Ching, YP; Fung, ML; Tipoe, GL2012192
Salivary gland tumours: a combined morphometric, flow cytometric and immunohistochemical analysisZhu, Qianru; 朱茜如1998449
Scanning electron microscopic observations on the interaction between normal neuronal and tumour cells in monolayer cultureWong, YC; Garber, BB198154
Scanning electron microscopic study of invasiveness between normal and neoplastic cells and fibroblasts in monolayer cultureChew, EC; Mok, CH; Tsao, SW; Liu, WK; Riches, DJ198888
Schwann cells and Fibroblasts transplanted intravitreally promote retinal ganglion cells axonal regeneration in adult ratYip, HKF; Li, S; Hu, B; So, KF1998109
Screen-printed BaCe0.8Sm0.2O3-δ thin membrane solid oxide fuel cells with surface modification by spray coatingBi, L; Zhang, S; Lin, B; Fang, S; Xia, C; Liu, W200996
Screening for ovarian cancer: The preliminary experience of a familial ovarian cancer centerMuto, MG; Cramer, DW; Brown, DL; Welch, WR; Harlow, BL; Xu, H; Brucks, JP; Tsao, SW; Berkowitz, RS1993118
Screening of neuroprotective agents from Chinese medicinal herbs by protein kinasesChang, RCC; Yu, MS; Lai, SW; Zee, SSY; Yuen, WH; So, KF200558
Sea surface wind speed estimation from space-based lidar measurementsHu, Y; Stamnes, K; Vaughan, M; Pelon, J; Weimer, C; Wu, D; Cisewski, M; Sun, W; Yang, P; Lin, B; Omar, A; Flittner, D; Hostetler, C; Trepte, C; Winker, D; Gibson, G; Santa-Maria, M2008155
Secreted PDZD2 exerts concentration-dependent effects on the proliferation and function of pancreatic beta cells.Ma, RYM; Tam, TSM; Suen, APM; Tipoe, GL; Yeung, ML; Chung, SK; Thomas, MK; Leung, PS; Yao, KM200574
Secretory protein analysis of the prostate in Noble rats during hormonal carcinogenesisTam, NNC; Wong, YC199763
Secretory proteins of the induced dog seminal vesicle. Hong Kong Society for the Study of Endocrinology, Metabolism and ReproductionChan, TW; Wong, YC199360
Secretory proteins of the induced seminal vesicle from epithelia of the epididymis and vas deferens of the dogChan, TW; Wong, YC199354
Section 8: Non-pharmaceutical medications and approachesSo, KF; Chang, RCC2010113
A segment of optic nerve transplanted intravitreally retards death and enhances axonal regneration of retinal ganglion cells in adult hamstersCho, KS; So, KF; Chung, SK199786
Segregation of optic fibre projections into eye-specific bands in dually innervated tecta in XenopusStraznicky, C; Tay, D; Hiscock, J198067
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