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A histological and ultrastructural morphometric assessment of malignant potential in human colorectal epitheliumTipoe, George Lim.1993229
A lectin histochemical and morphometric study of secondary palate formation in the ratChan, Kim-ho.; 陳劍豪1996203
A morphological, histochemical and experimental study of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles of the guinea pig, with special referenceto the stromaChan Leung, Franky.; 陳良1989372
A morphometric study of axon-glial interactionsChau, Wai-kei, Dominic.; 周韋基1995202
A new factor regulating melanogenesis in normal and malignant melanocytesYap, Swee-mui.; 葉瑞美1991239
A rat model to study ovarian dysfunction in galactosemiaLai, Ka-wai.; 黎嘉慧.2001578
A retrospective study of tracheal morphometry in Chinese adults by computed tomographyWong, Fung-ping.; 黃鳳屏.2012211
A stereological and AgNOR analysis of the epidermis and naevi of ChineseLedesma, Jenilyn A.1997195
A study of genomic DNA methylation in immortalized human epithelial cell linesTse, Wan-wai; 謝韻慧2008289
A study of male accessory sex glands in protecting: the genomic integrity of sperm in the golden hamster(Mesocricetus auratus)Chen, Hong; 陳紅2003208
A study of RhoV and PAK4 signaling in hepatocarcinogenesisChan, Man-lok, Mandy.; 陳文樂.2011141
A study of the effects of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) on a clinically relevant rat model of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases(NAFLD)Ho, Chi-tat.; 何志達.2010208
A study of the expression of Sonic hedgehog and its receptors in T cells and the identification of Sonic hedgehog dowm-stream targets inactivated CD4+T cellsChau, Suk-yi.; 周淑怡.2004215
A study of the visual system in the shark, Hemiscyllium plagiosumLee, Lai-yung, Mary.; 李瑪麗1985169
The a1-adrenoceptor anatagonist terazosin induces prostate cancer cell death through a p53 and Rb independent pathwayXu, K; Wang, X; Ling, MT; Tsao, GSW; Wong, YC2003120
Aberrant expression of hepatocyte growth factor and its receptor, c-Met, during sex hormone-induced prostatic carcinogenesis in the Noble ratTam, NNC; Chung, SSM; Lee, DTW; Wong, YC2000177
Aberrant promoter hypermethylation and silencing of the critical 3p21 tumour suppressor gene, RASSF1A, in Chinese oesophageal squamous cell carcinomaWong, MLY; Tao, Q; Fu, LI; Wong, KY; Qiu, GH; Law, FBF; Tin, PC; Cheung, WL; Lee, PY; Tang, JCO; Tsao, GSW; Lam, KY; Law, S; Wong, J; Srivastava, G2006156
Aberrant retinotectal pathways induced by larval unilateral optic nerve section in XenopusTay, D; Straznicky, C1980102
Abeta modulates PKR, mTOR/4EBP1 and P70S6K signaling controls of translation in neural cellsLafay, C; Page, G; Perault, MC; Chang, RCC; Hugon, J2004132
Ablation of paternal accessory sex glands imparts physical and behavioural abnormalities to the progeny: An in vivo study in the golden hamsterWong, CL; Lee, KH; Lo, KM; Chan, OC; Goggins, W; O, WS; Chow, PH2007122
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