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Validating the language domain subtest in a developmental assessment scale for preschool childrenWong, AMY; Leung, C; Siu, EKL; Lam, CCC201294
Validation of a screening tool for identifying three-year- old Cantonese-speaking children with language impairmentFong, Yik-yan; University of Hong Kong.2007235
Validation of synthesized hypernasal speech samplesSo, Yuk-ying; 蘇鈺瀅; University of Hong Kong2008140
The validity of interval scaling for the evaluation of hypernasality.Whitehill, TL; Lee, ASY; Wong, KS200174
Variability in Bilingual Phonological DevelopmentSo, LKH200768
Variability of cleft palate speechHo, Kwan-wai, Annie; 何君慧; University of Hong Kong2001112
Variation in the production of alveolar fricative /s/ in Hong Kong CantoneseCheung, Wing-ki, Jovy; University of Hong Kong2005164
Verb diversity of Cantonese-speaking children with down syndromeChau, Chi-wah, Eva; 周芝華; University of Hong Kong.2003222
Verb growth and grammatical development in Cantonese speaking children with specific language impairmentNgan, Bik-shan, Grace; 顏碧珊; University of Hong Kong200286
Verb semantics and aspect in the language of Cantonese- speaking preschoolersChan, Yin-ling, Eva; 陳燕玲; University of Hong Kong.2000135
Verb transformation in non-fluent progressive aphasiaWeekes, BS; Davies, R; Wadey, A; Bradley, V200480
The verb use in Cantonese monolingual and Cantonese- English bilingual childrenLam, Ka-ki, Fiona; University of Hong Kong2005171
Verb use in the early word combinations of children with and without specific language impairmentYung, Sun, Elaine; 翁昕; University of Hong Kong.2003185
Vibratory and perceptual measurement of resonant voiceYiu, EML; Chen, FC; Lo, G; Pang, G201283
Vibratory and perceptual measurement of resonant voiceChen, F; Ma, EPM; Yiu, EML201272
Visual and phonological pathways to the lexicon: Evidence from Chinese readersLeck, KJ; Weekes, BS; Chen, MJ1995136
Vocal attack time: Insights and challenges in tone languageMa, EPM200786
Vocal characteristics associated with Cantonese and English produced by proficient Cantonese-English bilingual speakers: a long-term average spectral analysisNg, ML; Chan, EYK; Chen, Y201174
The vocal clarity of female speech-language pathology students: An exploratory studyWarhurst, S; Madill, C; McCabe, P; Heard, R; Yiu, E2012216
Vocal fold vibratory and acoustic features in fatigued Karaoke singersWang, G; Lo, A; Chan, K; Kong, JP; Yiu, E2012117
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