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Satisfaction with hearing aids: A consumer research perspectiveWong, LLN; Hickson, L; McPherson, B2009121
Scaling voice activity limitation and participation restriction in dysphonic individualsMa, EPM; Yiu, EML2007116
School children with hearing loss: Is there a need for auditory neuropathy screening? [abstract]McPherson, DB200169
School screening for hearing loss in developing countries.Mcpherson, BD; Holborow, CA198831
Screening for auditory neuropathy in a school for hearing impaired childrenLee, JSM; McPherson, B; Yuen, KCP; Wong, LLN2001122
Screening for dysphonia in school-age children using a multi-parametric approachMa, E; Lam, YNY201323
Screening for hearing loss in developing countriesMcPherson, DB; Olusanya, BO200899
Screening for voice problems in school-age children : a comparison between teacher, parent and speech therapist reportsCheung, Hiu-shan; 張曉[shan]201128
Searching for meaning: effects of positional specificity and functional regularity of semantic radicals in reading ChineseTong, X; Deacon, SH; Saint-Aubin, J.; Wang, S.201331
Seasonal effect on transient evoked otoacoustic emissions in infants and school children (abstract)Kei, J; Robertson, K; Driscoll, C; McPherson, DB; Latham, S; Loscher, J200183
Segmental errors, speech intelligibility and their relationship in Cantonese speaking hearing-impaired childrenKhouw, Edward.; 許源豐.1994304
Self-controlled feedback paradigm in learning of a relaxed phonation. PosterMa, EPM; Yiu, GKY; Yiu, EML201080
A self-fitting hearing aid: perception and managementKeidser, G; Convery, E; Caposecco, A; Hartley, L; Swanepoel, DW; Wong, LLN201263
Self-reported hearing performance in workers exposure to solventsFuente, A; McPherson, DB; Hormazabal, X201327
Semantic anomia without surface dyslexiaWeekes, BS; Robinson, G199786
Semantic categorization of Chinese character semantic radical plays an important role?Chung, Hoi-ki, Flora; 鍾凱琪; University of Hong Kong.2004215
Semantic effects on Chinese character recognitionSu, IF; Weekes, B200782
Semantic priming a comparison of lexical organization in children and adultsKoo, Mei-lam, Christy; 顧美琳; University of Hong Kong2002113
Semantic radical consistency and character transparency effects in Chinese: an ERP studySu, IF; Weekes, BS2009133
Semantic radical effects on character categorization and character decision: Evidence from EEG.Weekes, BS200964
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