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Rabeprazole is effective in treating laryngopharyngeal reflux in a randomized placebo-controlled trialLam, PKY; Ng, ML; Cheung, TK; Wong, BYH; Tan, VPY; Fong, DYT; Wei, WI; Wong, BCY2010453
Racial heritage/melanin and otoacoustic emission measures of cochlear functionDriscoll, C; Kei, J; Arnold, S; Doherty, D; Krajewski, J; McDonald, G; McKeering, E; Tyrrell, M; McPherson, DB2009117
Racial, gender and ear factors in neonatal transient evoked otoacoustic emission screeningChiu, Hoi-kan, April.; 趙凱勤.2004451
Random gap detection test normative values for Hong Kong young adultsYim, Pui-kwan; 嚴佩君; University of Hong Kong.2003485
A randomized treatment-placebo study of the effectiveness of acupuncture for benign vocal pathologiesYiu, E; Xu, JJ; Murry, T; Wei, WI; Yu, M; Ma, E; Huang, W; YeeLan Kwong, E2006112
Rapid processing of multi-element arrays : is visual-attentional deficit present in Chinese developmental dyslexia?Tam, Kit-sum; 譚絜心201118
Rating hypernasality: speaker and listener language effectLee, Kar-yan, Kanei,; University of Hong Kong2005153
Reading aloud of Chinese pseudo-characters a comparison of two processingSun, Wai-man; 孫慧敏; University of Hong Kong.2003163
Reading aloud pseudo-characters by individuals with acquired dyslexia: Evidence for lexically mediated processes in reading ChineseLaw, SP; Weekes, BS; Wong, W; Chiu, K2009178
Reading aloud real and pseudo-charactersChu, Ka-ho, Kyle; 朱家豪200863
Reading and writing in ChineseLeung, MT; Law, SP; Fung, R; Lui, HM; Weekes, BS201182
The reading process in Chinese dominance of lexical or phonological routesLeung, Tsui-wai; 梁翠惠; University of Hong Kong1993271
Reading strategies of Chinese students with severe to profound hearing lossCheung, KYW; Leung, MT; McPherson, DB201330
Reading strategy in Hong Kong school-aged children the development of word level and character level processing /Chu, Mun-ki, Maggie; 朱敏琪; University of Hong Kong2002116
Reading strategy of Hong Kong school-aged children: The development of word-level and character-level processingChu, MMK; Leung, MT2005224
Reading with meaning: The contributions of meaning-related variables at the word and subword levels to early Chinese reading comprehensionZhang, J; McBride-Chang, C; Tong, X; Wong, AMY; Shu, H; Fong, CYC201278
Real ear unaided response in Chinese young adultsMa, Cho-yin.; 馬楚賢.2000226
Reasons for non-adoption of a hearing aid among elderly ChineseWong, PWY; McPherson, DB2010130
The recognition of isolated and interleaved melodies by childrenChau, Ching, Christy; University of Hong Kong2005100
Recognition of lexical tones in Cantonese whispered speechCheung, Yee-man; 張綺文; University of Hong Kong.2003183
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